Home Defence® Ant Stop!® Singles™ - Pack of 10

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Home Defence® Ant Stop!® Singles™ - Pack of 10
Home Defence® Ant Stop!® Singles™ - Pack of 10

Ants and insects can occur in any home. They are hard to eliminate and are mostly fought by temporary methods; however, the natural ant-stop baits kills ants and their nests, making it an effective product that helps to destroy the ant colony.


  • Ready-to-use measured sachets
  • Kills ants and destroys their nest
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Long lasting protection against ant return over spread areas
Bait stations contain an active natural ingredient called spinosad, which is a slow-acting poison for ants. The worker ants, foraging for food, take the bait back to the nest and distribute it to other ants unawares. Ants will share the bait among colony members, spreading the poison through the colony. Each ant colony has at least 1 queen that produces offspring. Killing the queen will cause chaos in the colony, encouraging ants to move to a new place where they can feel safe.

These bait stations can be used outdoors all year round, as well as in and around houses, garages, sheds, and other outbuildings. The enclosed design of the stations mean they are clean and simple to use. You can avoid mess without a need to touch the bait or ant killer.

Make sure you do not leave any food that ants can access, as food and water are high priorities for ants when choosing a place for their nest. For best results we recommend using the bait stations together with ant-stop spray, which will give long-lasting protection against their return.

For hygiene purposes we recommend the use of plastic gloves when using this product.


Supplied in a pack of 10

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