Honeyfields Nutri Bomb Fat Balls for Wild Birds - 4 Pack

Code: BC117
Honeyfields Nutri Bomb Fat Balls for Wild Birds - 4 Pack

No limestone, no calcium carbonate, no sand, no chalk or clay... Just full of good stuff! Compared to standard energy balls, these brand new, innovative nutri-bombs are packed with all the best ingredients that wild birds simply love while providing year long health.

Why are Nutri-Bombs so good for wild birds?
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals - Nutribombs are full of good stuff for year round health without unnecessary fillers
  • Fair to Nature - All nutribombs are made with ingredients from Fair to Nature farms, who are dedicated to protecting wildlife around the world
  • Extra essential energy - Packed with fat and nutrients, nutribombs provide the energy essential to wild birds in the winter and during breeding seasons
  • No nets - Safer for small garden birds while reducing waste
  • 4 Pack

Nutri-bombs are also available in a pack of 30:

Hints and Tips
  • Encourage birds to visit your garden and keeping them healthy by feeding all year round
  • The RSPB recommends year round feeding; in Autumn / Winter when food is scarce and in Spring / Summer when parents need a plentiful supply to nurture their young.
  • Check your feeder twice a day if you can, once in the morning and once again in the afternoon. Most feeders will need refilling at least every other day.
  • Make water available year round for birds to drink and bathe, ensuring it doesn't freeze over in Winter.
  • Hygiene is important. Prevent bacteria build up by cleaning feeders and feeding areas.
Optional Extras
  • Honeyfields Love Nature Fat Ball Bird Feeder
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The Honeyfield’s story is about valuing nature and protecting our much loved and vulnerable wildlife, achieved through a network of farms practising nature friendly farming. Honeyfield’s is dedicated to supporting wild birds through their range of nutritious food and range of stylish, easy-to-use feeders.

Honeyfield’s bird food is grown and produced by Fair to Nature farms. All Fair to Nature farms are committed to boosting biodiversity by creating managed habitats for wildlife on at least 10% of their land as well as following the Fair to Nature sustainability protocol. Fair to Nature farmers are dedicated to minimising their environmental impact and farming in an energy efficient way to help rebuild the world’s wildlife.


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