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Hori Hori Garden Trowel by Barnel

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Multi-functional landscaping trowel with curved blade. One side of the blade is serrated for jobs requiring hacking and sawing while the other is smooth for cutting and slicing. This clever design means that with a simple twist of the wrist you can cut and lift out stubborn weeds in your garden. The blade and the ergonomic hardwood handle are carefully balanced to reduce wrist fatigue. The blade's center is engraved with millimeter markings to help gage depths which is useful for a number of tasks in the garden such as bulb planting.

It cuts and scrapes weeds, roots and vegetables. Ideal for cutting roots, transplanting, removing stubborn plants, sod cutting and dividing perennials. The protective sheath keeps the blade clean and sharp while not in use but also protects you while you carry it around the garden. The sheath has an integrated belt loop for convenient and safe transport while the blade handle has a hanging lanyard for ease of storage.

Can be used for digging, sawing, chopping, measuring, right through to hunting and fishing. One edge has a smooth, sharp blade to glide through stubborn weeds while the other side is serrated to allow you to saw through tough roots or boughs. The blade itself is polished to a beautiful mirror quality shine and the handle is riveted for heavy duty use so you can work with your Hori Hori blade time after time without fear of wear and tear.

Made by Barnel® who have been a renowned manufacturer of professional gardening and cutting tools in the United States for 46 years . These horticultural products are used in fruit orchards, vineyards, forestry, ornamental forest nurseries, vegetable or flower fields. Barnel® has been focusing since 1970 on the production of high-quality tools made from high-tech, light materials of robust construction and of the highest quality. The blades are made of carbon steel and wrought aluminum handles in matrices. This ensures lightness, high strength and quality that is most required by customers.


  • Hardwood handle in a Natural Finish
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Serrated and Smooth edged blade for a variety of uses
  • Soil depth scale in millimeters along length of blade
  • Nylon cordura padded sheath with belt loop is included with the Hori Hori trowel
  • Mirror Quality highly polished blade finish

What does Hori Hori mean?

The Hori Hori blade is a versatile garden tool with origins in Japan where "hori" ホリ is the onomatopoeia for the sound of digging. This means "hori hori" would literally translate as "diggy diggy". It has many other names in Japan to reflect its versatility whether you use it for hard work or just for odd jobs in the garden. Elegant and sleek but also robust and versatile.

  • Overall Length: 31cm
  • Blade Length: 17.5cm
  • Width: 3.25cm
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