Our Donation to Greenfingers

We will be donating 5% of every Green Friday purchase* to creating beautifully designed gardens for Children’s hospices in the UK in collaboration with Greenfingers Charity.

About Greenfingers

Greenfingers are a national charity dedicated to create a beautiful and inspiring outdoor space for children and families spending time in hospices around the UK.They create thoughtfully designed gardens for children to enjoy with their family, friends and siblings, whether through play and fun or therapeutic rest and relaxation.

Find out more about Greenfingers here

House Plants

Welcome the joy of gardening inside with our range of house plants. Grown with you in mind, we’ve selected the best indoor plants to enrich your home. Bringing more greenery inside helps purify the air, add a natural flourish to your living spaces and introduce that sense of calm.

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  • Desk Plants
  • Small House Plants
  • Large & Tall House Plants
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  • Foliage House Plants
  • Flowering House Plants
  • Variegated House Plants
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  • Air Purifying House Plants
  • Hanging House Plants
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  • House Plants For Direct Sunlight
  • House Plants For Light Shade
  • House Plants For Shade
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  • Lounge, Dining & Bedroom Plants
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Plants
  • Greenhouse & Conservatory Plants
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  • 10-13cm Diameter Pots
  • 14cm Diameter Pots
  • 15cm Diameter Pots
  • 17cm Diameter Pots
  • 19cm Diameter Pots
  • 21cm Diameter Pots
  • 24cm Diameter Pots
  • 27cm Diameter Pots
Genera + -
  • Alocasia Plants
  • Aloe Vera Plants
  • Anthurium Plants
  • Areca Palm Plants
  • Caladium Plants
  • Chamaedorea Plants
  • Crassula Plants
  • Croton Plants
  • Devil's Ivy Plants
  • Dieffenbachia Plants
  • Dracaena Plants
  • Echeveria Plants
  • Ficus Plants
  • Guzmania Plants
  • Haworthia Plants
  • Indoor Hydrangeas
  • Monstera Plants
  • Peace Lily Plants
  • Philodendron Plants
  • Pteris Plants
  • Sansevieria Plants
  • Schefflera Plants
  • Yucca Plants
  • ZZ Plants

Displaying products from 1 to 60 of 234 View All

Displaying products from 1 to 60 of 234 View All