Pest control - How to get rid of foxes in the garden

The fox population is growing in urban areas, feeding our endless supply of garbage. While it may seem impossible to get rid of this crafty creature, we've put together a guide to help you get rid of foxes from your yard forever.

Remove callout elements

The key to avoiding infestations is to put the waste in a secure bin and close the lid. This will deprive the animals of a food source, removing the main attraction for them. For foxes in particular, it is important to protect livestock and pets. Chickens should be locked in a cage and rabbits in a hutch. Do not leave food out for other animals, especially cats or dog food. Bird feeding should always be placed high up in specialized containers, inaccessible to rats. Animal-based fertilizers, such as bone meal, can also attract foxes.

Remove the habitat

You can make your garden less attractive to foxes by keeping it tidy, removing garbage and sources of shelter. Foxes' curiosity will be stimulated by abandoned waste such as old gardening gloves. The overgrown gardens provide excellent shelter, and the holes in the ground can be used as burrows, to which the foxes will return again and again.

Burrows are common in urban areas under sheds and garages. We recommend that you check any holes you find. It is best to do this in the late fall, when there are no puppies. You can flush a fox out of its hole using ammonia. New garages should always be built with a concrete base.

Restrict entry

Protecting your property always comes in handy. A partially buried fence will make it difficult for a fox to burrow under it. A fence 2 meters above ground level will be difficult for a fox to climb. Fence spikes can protect your property from both pests and intruders.


While all of the methods listed above can help you protect your property, you cannot control your neighbors, some of which will inevitably attract foxes. This is why it is useful to try ultrasonic devices first, before resorting to more expensive solutions.

Ultrasonic repellents

Ultrasound repellents work by emitting ultrasounds, which are imperceptible to humans, but annoying to foxes, causing them to leave the area. This device works as a permanent deterrent for foxes and does not cause any inconvenience to humans. Some models are equipped with a sensor and will only activate in the presence of a fox. This ensures that the fox will associate its presence with the noise. Our devices also emit pulses at random time intervals in a wide range of frequencies, which ensures the fox does not get used to the noise.

Water jet repellent

Similar to ultrasonic devices, the jet spray repellent is equipped with a sensor and sprays towards any hot body within 10m in a 120 degree arc.