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Traditional Hazel and Willow Hurdle fencing

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use preservative?
Not at all - many people prefer to let the hurdles age naturally to a beautiful grey. Alternatively, use any clear commercially available fence preservative.

Can the Hurdles be cut to change the size?
They can be cut easily to reduce the height by cutting the verticals and removing unrequired horizontals. Width can be reduced by carefully cutting to ensure that the horizontals don't become unwoven. Alternatively, overlap adjacent hurdles to reduce width.

Traditional Hazel and Willow Hurdle fencing How heavy are they?
Hazel hurdles are substantial fences, and the 6ft x 6ft can be up to 25kg. Willow are lighter and more flexible.

How strong are the Hurdles?
They are very strong and can support some weight. If properly assembled it should be possible to hang items such as a mirrors or pictures from a hurdle. They are much more suitable to exposed areas than normal fences, allowing wind to pass through.

How long can the Hurdles be expected to last?
Depending on the level of exposure to wind and how well they are secured in place, they can be expected to last up to 10 years. They will age gracefully while maintaining sturdiness.

Is the wood sustainable?
Hazel and willow fencing are coppiced. This means that branches are cut only from new growth. The purpose is two-fold: to ensure that the branches or 'wands' are flexible and of reasonably uniform thickness, and to allow more growth for next year. Methods used today are the same as thousands of years ago when local farmers cut what they needed for this year's fencing, safe in the knowledge that more would grow back for next year if required.

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