Indoor Air 2000 Oxygenator

Code: WF7513
Indoor Air 2000 Oxygenator
Indoor Air 2000 Oxygenator

This cost-efficient pump is perfect to use indoors for larger water tanks. It will help to get oxygen into any water container quickly by using only 20 watts.


  • Perfect for indoor use
  • High and low flow regulation options
  • Delivers up to 2000 litres of air per hour
  • Low electricity consumption - only 20 watts
  • Suitable for continuous use
The pump feeds oxygen directly into the water via an aerating stone, which is connected to the pump by a separate hose. The pump can be used with an outdoor pond, thanks to the length of the hose. The main body of the pump should be kept in a garden shed or garage.

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Package Width: 24cm (9.4") x Height 23.5cm (9.3") x Depth: 18.5cm (7.3")
Cable length: 2m (78.7")
Air hose length: 5m (196.8")


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