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Indoor Wormery Composter in Stainless Steel (30L)

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Available to order from 07/07/2022
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Indoor Wormery Composter in Stainless Steel (30L)

No longer will you have to trek through the rain to the shed to make full use of your wormery. This stainless steel version of the Guttermate wormery has been specifically designed to take its place inside so you can create nutrient-rich compost and plant food with one discreet solution. A wormery is an excellent eco-friendly method of providing both compost and plant food for use in your garden. It’s a simple but effective method which uses the natural digestive system and feeding behaviour of worms to convert your food waste into valuable by-products.

The pack contains everything you need to get started making your own compost including some Tiger worms and a detailed guide for setting up. Once running the wormery requires nothing more than a top-up with your kitchen food waste. The wormery can be used for either animal or food waste but you should only ever supply one diet to your worms at a time. You’ll be diverting waste away from landfill as well as saving money from further store-bought garden compost and plant food.

Designed with hygiene in mind, the wormery has a close-fitting lid with a rubberised plastic gasket seal to prevent unwanted odours and with one large central 30L chamber for composting, there is no need to make a mess removing trays. The stainless steel finish also allows the composter to sit discreetly on a kitchen worktop.


  • Environmentally-friendly - reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by converting food waste into a nutritional compost for your garden
  • Nutrient-rich compost - the end result from vermicomposting is a nutrient-rich fertiliser and soil conditioner
  • Organic fertiliser - liquid feed can be collected from your wormery for diluting and using as a bio-rich plant food
  • Included worms - the pack comes with Tiger worms, a breed selected for their great appetite and speed of reproduction
  • Easy to assemble - the structure is simple to put together and an included guide takes you step-by-step through the process
  • Easy to harvest - the compost is easy to harvest and the trays can be returned to the stack on a simple rotary basis to ensure its continually in use
  • Height: 43cm (16.9in)
  • Width: 34cm (13.3in)
  • Depth: 34cm (13.3in)
  • Capacity: 30L
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Material: Stainless steel
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