Industrial Zapper 60 Fly Killer

Code: SP0375
Industrial Zapper 60 Fly Killer
Industrial Zapper 60 Fly Killer

The Industrial Zapper fly killer is made of stainless steel and is designed for maximum efficiency and versatility. It is the first choice for industrial areas, and features light panels designed to attract flies and other insects. Daring flies will be zapped before collecting neatly in the tray below. This quick, simple solution is perfect for establishments where flies could pose as a problem, or where the 'zzzzz' noise skimming past your ear is becoming too frequent an occurrence.

Attach to a wall, ceiling or can be used freestanding. Made in Sheffield.

The Industrial Zapper 60 features 2 x 30 watt tubes and has a coverage area of 160-200m².


Height 33cm (2ft) x Width 49cm (1ft 7¼in) x Depth 13.2cm (5¼in)


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