Insect Catcher Outdoor Protector

Code: SP0818
Insect Catcher Outdoor Protector
Insect Catcher Outdoor Protector

This product works with the Greenhouse Insect Catcher Traps (see below). It ensures that wilds birds and other wildlife are not caught by the trap.

Product Features

  • Works in conjunction with the Greenhouse Insect Catcher Traps to prevent wild birds and other wildlife from getting trapped
  • A snap shut cover and opening at the back of the product - allows for a crane to be inserted for upright positioning

It can be extremely frustrating to see your prized houseplant become a victim to flies and mites, but this product provides the solution. Keep greenflies, whiteflies, blackflies and spider mites at bay with this natural product. You can use this product confidently, in the knowledge that it will not do any harm to your plants when used responsibly.

As with any insect repellent, please read the label.


Height 24cm (10"), Width 13cm (6"), Length 3cm (1 1/2")

Weight 146g


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