Irrigatia SOL-K12 Solar Irrigation System

Code: TE4223
Irrigatia SOL-K12 Solar Irrigation System
Irrigatia SOL-K12 Irrigation System
This unique solar powered irrigation system is ideal for use with greenhouses and hanging baskets. It can water 6 large hanging baskets or 12 x 20 litre pots.

Energy from the sun is collected by the solar panel and stored in a battery, meaning that this system operates itself with no need for constant fiddling and adjustment. The system can be set up in minutes: all you need to do is position it where it will get the most sunshine, insert the feeder tube to a water butt or similar non-pressurised water supply, place the drips and switch it on and it will start watering your plants! The solar panel continues to generate power even in very low light, so your plants will be watered all year round. When it’s sunny it will generate more power - your plants are watered more when they need it most.

Special features:

  • Comes with 12 drippers, with the potential to supply up to 24
  • 15m of tube
  • Durable laminated solar panel
  • Hosepipe extender irrigates up to 4m above the water source
  • Adding a soluble fertiliser to the water supply will enable the irrigation system to feed your plants as well
  • No need to ask someone to water your plants when you go on holiday; the system will carry on watering your plants as usual
  • Only one simple control to master – a dial that controls the amount of water your plants get
  • Suitable for use with beds, grow bags, baskets, pots and more
There is no other system out there that can do all this - not even at double the price!

How often does the unit water my plants?

Once you switch the unit on, it will run every 3 hours as long as it is light. The amount of time the unit will run for depends on how much sun the panel has been able to soak up, so on sunnier days, the unit will water your plants more, and on days where there is less sunshine it will water them less. This is absolutely perfect for most peoples requirements. As a working example; If you switch the unit on at 12:00 it will remember this, and re-activate at 12:00 every day. It will run for a period of time, then re-activate at 15:00, and again at 18:00 (and, in theory, if it gets enough evening sun, again at 21:00)

Kit includes:

  • Solar pump unit
  • Anti-syphon device
  • Inlet filter
  • 15m tube
  • 12 drippers, stakes and tees

Weight: 1kg

Package Dimensions: 26.5cm x 26.5cm x 9cm

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Rating: 5/5

"Good product ,works well.thankyou"

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Reviewed Monday, 1 June 2015

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"Works really well"

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Reviewed Monday, 14 July 2014

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