Jet ECO Fountain & Water Feature Pump - 3100L 48W

Code: WF11032
Jet ECO Fountain & Water Feature Pump  - 3100L 48W
Cable Length:
1000 cm   ( 32 ft 9 in )
Pump power:
3100 LPH   
Pump Wattage:
48 W   
Height:11 cm   ( 4.3 in )
Width:16 cm   ( 6.3 in )
Length:18 cm   ( 7.1 in )
Setup:Wet (submerged) or Dry    
Jet ECO Fountain & Water Feature Pump - 3100L 48W

This Smartline water feature pump is a great way to add a fountain to your pond or to complete your water feature. This product comes with a 10m cable and includes a telescopic riser with four different settings: Bell, chalice, cascade and lily. This hardwearing pump can be run continually and is able to withstand temperatures up to -20°C.

Not only do Feature pumps create a dynamic feature within your pond, they also help to oxygenate and filter the pond, which is beneficial for fish and plants.

The Jet Eco comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee.


  • Length: 17.5cm (7in) x Width: 16cm (61/3in) x Height: 11cm (4?)
  • An output of 3,100l/h
  • Approx head of 2.20m.
  • Spraying height of up to 80cm
  • hose connections of 12.7, 19.05 and 25.04mm.


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