Kiwi 'Jenny' Vine 3L Pot Actinidia deliciosa

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Kiwi 'Jenny' Vine 3L Pot Actinidia deliciosaKiwi 'Jenny' Vine 3L Pot Actinidia deliciosa
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Kiwi 'Jenny' Vine 3L Pot Actinidia deliciosaKiwi 'Jenny' Vine 3L Pot Actinidia deliciosa
Kiwi 'Jenny' Vine - Actinidia deliciosa - 3L Pot

This self-fertile variety produces edible fruits, which are especially delicious when eaten fresh off the vine or in fruit salads. It needs a sunny sheltered spot to crop well, and a pergola or fence to climb along. It makes a lovely vine to shade a terrace or patio.

  • Comes in a: 3L polypot (not a rigid pot)
  • Vine is approx. 2 years old
  • Approx Spread: 3m
  • Approx. Growth Length: 3-4m, though supported shoots can reach 8m in length
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Foliage Colour: Mid green
  • Harvesting Period: Late summer, autumn
  • Growing Habit: Climbing
  • Self pollinating: Yes
  • Uses: Eating fresh, cooking, jams/preserves
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Exposure: Sheltered
  • Rate of Growth: Max. height in 5-10 years
  • Scented: Fragrant flowers
  • Wildlife friendly - attracts bees and other pollinating insects

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  • 60g Empathy rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi
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  • 1L Grow Your Own Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser by Empathy™
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  • Full Tree Planting Kit - Empathy™ Rootgrow, Afterplant and Tree Stake & Tie
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  • Light Requirements: full sun
  • Soil Requirements: acid, alkaline, neutral, chalky, loamy, sandy (will tolerate most soil types)
  • Moisture: moist but well-drained, well-drained

Caring and Maintenance

Water well during the growing season. In hot, dry conditions it might be necessary to water 2 to 3 times a week during this period. Mulch around the base of the plant in late winter.


  • Planting Distance: 3m

Kiwi fruits will grow in a variety of soils but prefer fertile, well-drained, slightly acidic soil. They require a sunny, sheltered position, ideally a south or west facing wall. They also grow well along a pergola. In milder areas they can be grown out in the open.

Fruit Benefits

These fruits should be eaten or frozen within a few days of harvest. They please even the most sophisticated of palates, and can be made into jams and preserves to bring great summer memories on autumn or winter days. Freshly picked fruit will bring your desserts to life with a flavour that simply can't be matched by mass produced, shop bought fruit. When planning your garden, try to choose varieties with fruits that ripen from early summer to late autumn to ensure a constant supply of fresh fruits throughout the warmer months.

Customer Reviews
Rating: 5/5

"Lovely plant, really healthy and well packaged - arrived fine"

Reviewed Monday, 10 September 2018

Rating: 5/5

"Quick process, speedy delivery, reasonable prices"

Reviewed Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Rating: 5/5

"Healthy plant as described. Very tall and cannot wait for it to start fruiting!"

Reviewed Thursday, 23 August 2018

Rating: 3/5

"The plant was lacking really good roots and it has taken TLC to get it going."

Reviewed Monday, 6 August 2018

Rating: 5/5

"A healthy and strong looking plant."

Reviewed Thursday, 2 August 2018

Rating: 5/5

"Plants arrived sooner than expected. Excellent packaging which meant the plants arrived in good condition. Very please with my purchases, exactly what I expected. Had a bad experience with another online supplier of plants, so pleased Primrose didn't let me down."

Reviewed Thursday, 3 May 2018

Rating: 5/5

"Very good looking healthy plant, quite large, ready to be planted in the garden."

Reviewed Thursday, 22 March 2018

Rating: 5/5

"Looks in good condition and a reasonable size."

Reviewed Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Rating: 5/5

"Great plant, healthy and strong"

Reviewed Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Rating: 2/5

"Some of my orders arrived broken,packaging processes to be reviewed"

Reviewed Thursday, 3 August 2017

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