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Kookaburra® 3.5m Square Waterproof Shade Sail Gazebo Frame and Fixing Kit

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Kookaburra Sail Shades - Protects you from the sun all day long

Keep cool, stay dry and always have the cover you need to enjoy your garden to the fullest. With this gorgeous sail shade kit you can be sure to make the most of the outdoor space available to you whatever the weather.

This sturdy black powder coated steel framed sail shade is the perfect way to get the cover you need wherever you need it in the garden. Protect your family and loved ones from harmful UV rays on hot summer days or keep them dry from the rain in the dead of winter. The durable 220g PVC Coated Polyester shade has got you covered.


  • Powder Coated Steel Frame - sturdy, solid and strong material
  • PVC Coated 220g Polyester
  • Bungee Cords - the supplied bungee cords make firmly securing your sail shade to the frame simple
  • Stylish shaded area - create a shaded area for family and friends to enjoy
  • Durable and Weather Resistant
  • What's in the box: x1 Ivory coloured sail shade; x1 Sail shade frame; 4 carbon fibre poles; 4 turnbuckles; Bungee balls

  • Height: 2.75m (9ft 1in)
  • Width: 3.5m (11ft 6in)
  • Length: 3.5m (11ft 6in)
  • Weight: 33kg 
More Information
Why X?

How do I fix my Sail Shade?

Find a suitable anchor point for each corner of the shade sail, such as those listed below. These need to be strong enough to take the strain of the shade sail material when tensioned.

Anchor points could be:

  • A wall or strong beam
  • A suitable tree
  • A wooden post at least 100mm diameter set in the ground
  • A metal pole at least 48mm diameter set in the ground
  • A metal pole at least 48mm diameter fitted into a sleeve in the ground, like a rotary washing line

Fixing points should be at least 2.4m above the ground, and it's extremely important that these are sufficiently strong to take the full weight of the shade sail in windy conditions. The wind can add significantly to the stress of the shade sail on any fixings, so it is vital to be certain that they can stand the additional drag.

NB: If you have any doubts you should take advice from a builder or structural engineer.

If you need to install posts, these should be 48mm wide galvanised steel which is 4mm thick (these can be easily painted if required). Posts should be angled away from the centre of the shade sail by at least 10 degrees to provide additional strength and stability.

Footings for posts for shade sails up to 5m should be 400mm square and 800mm deep and this should increase to 400mm x 1200mm for larger sizes.


Concrete should be well packed down around the post and sloping slightly outwards at the top to ensure water does not collect around the post. This should be left for a minimum of 48 hours to allow it to set completely before you attach the shade sail. We do not recommend the use of rapid set concrete.

Firm ground
Lay a 100mm depth of 20mm gravel at the base of the post. Add concrete and brace post on the angle.

Soft ground
Pour a 100mm depth of concrete at the bottom of the hole to provide a solid pad. Allow this to set. Add the gravel at the base of the post. Add concrete and brace post on the angle.