L80cm Brown Wooden Trough Patio Planter

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L80cm Brown Wooden Trough Patio Planter
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L80cm Brown Wooden Trough Patio Planter

Rustic Planter Charm

Add a sense of rustic charm to your outdoor space with this Brown Wooden Trough planter. The minimalistic style of this planter will be sure to complement the plants and flowers in your garden, adding to the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

The planter is constructed from treated, stained wood, which increases its lifespan and ensures it remains sturdy. This versatile planter would look at home in almost any part of the garden and could even be used as a screen or divide depending on what you plant in it.

  • Supplied with a handy inner lining - get planting straight away
  • Modern colour with a natural finish using stained wood
  • Delivered pre-assembled too, no fixings required
  • Environmentally-friendly timber sourced from sustainable sources
  • Raised from the ground to keep your plants away from the cold and trample-free
  • Height: 40cm
  • Width: 39cm
  • Depth: 80cm
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Please Note: variations in the manufacturing process can result in planters being slightly larger or smaller than specified

A self-contained flower bed does have certain practical advantages over conventional garden beds. Your plants and flowers will be less likely to become diseased; this is because it creates an isolated environment, making it unlikely to become contaminated by the soil and other plants in your garden. You can also choose which soil to fill the planter with, enabling you to tailor the soil type to suit your plants.

Save with a planter pair, great value at £179.99  £164.99

This planter's also available as a pair, bringing with it a great discount so you can save with a set. Plant twice as many plants and create a rustic garden theme!

Click here to see the set

Pre-assembled for ready planting

There's nothing you need to do to get this planter ready for planting - it's ready to go as soon as it appears on your doorstep. The handy lining supplied within this planter means no need to faff around with finding or cutting membrane to line the space.

Strong joints and fixings hold it together so it won't need replacing after a season, all you need to do is pick the plants to go in it!


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