Essential from £179.99

Warranty Perfect for budding gardeners
Our Lacewing Essential range is packed with features to help you begin your garden adventure. To make this even easier, we have several starter pack options available so you can include vent arms and staging in your purchase while making fantastic savings. Manufactured from 1mm maintenance free aluminium profiles and 4mm (0.55kg/m²) polycarbonate glazing, the Essential range blocks 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays, protecting your carefully grown plants. These glazing panels are almost unbreakable which makes them perfect if you have a young family. The essential range comes with a 2 year warranty and is available in silver.
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Traditional from £224.99

Warranty Broaden your garden horizons with our Lacewing Traditional range
More robust than the Essential range with a 1.5mm maintenance free aluminium profile, making this range easier to assemble. The reinforced bracing and guttering opens up more options for greenhouse accessories such as downpipes and water butts (both sold separately). The polycarbonate glazing used in the Traditional range is thicker (0.75kg/m²) than that used in the Essential range, making the overall greenhouse stronger with increased wind resistance and improved insulation. The Traditional range comes with a 5 year warranty and is available in green or silver.
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Deluxe from £259.99

Warranty Perfect for the greenhouse connoisseur or burgeoning horticulturist
With a range of sizes, glazing options (and a custom colour option available from late Spring 2015), this range comes with the best choice of options so you can tailor your greenhouse to meet your exact needs. Our Deluxe range has a slightly slimmer aluminium profile at 1.2mm but with wider and stronger extrusions, giving you more aluminium for your money. The broader aluminium framing makes this range even easier to construct and allows the greenhouses in this range to support our 3mm toughened glass panels, which lets a greater proportion of light through into your greenhouse. Even if you choose to go for polycarbonate sheeting, the quality here is superior to any of our other greenhouse ranges, with a density of 0.80kg/m for additional insulation and strength. In fact, we're so confident in the strength and quality of our Deluxe range, we offer a 10 year warranty across the whole range. The Deluxe range comes in green, silver, heritage ivory or black with a further choice of custom colours available from late Spring 2015.
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