Large Flowering Rush Butomus umbellatus - 3L Pot

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Large Flowering Rush Butomus umbellatus - 3L Pot
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Large Flowering Rush Butomus umbellatus - 3L Pot

Flowering Rush Butomus umbellatus - 3L Pot

The flowering rush is an herbaceous perennial that can grow up to 1.5m upright. Its fragrant six petaled pink flowers bloom in summer, well above water level, to form a stunning display. Grow in fertile mud at pond margins or in water up to 25cm deep, in full sun.


  • Foliage Colour: green in autumn, spring and summer
  • Flower Colour: pink in summer
  • Approx. Growth Height: 1.5m
  • Max. Spread: 50cm
  • Planting Time: spring
  • Flowering Time: summer
  • Attracts: dragonflies
  • Uses: pond margins up to 25cm deep, bog gardens
  • Exposure: exposed, sheltered
  • Growing Habit: upright
  • Hardiness: hardy
  • Rate of Growth: max height in 5-10 years
  • suitable for small, medium and large ponds
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  • Light Requirements: full sun
  • Moisture: poorly-drained
  • Soil requirements: acidic, neutral, alkaline, loamy, sandy, chalky


Plant in a medium or large sized pot with up to 25cm of water above the planting basket. Aquatic and marginal plants should be placed in pond plant baskets filled with aquatic soil (sold separately) and topped with a thin layer of gravel to help prevent the soil from washing away. This plant is suitable for areas 1, 2 and 3 of a pond.

Caring and Maintenance

Cut back after flowering. If grown in a container, divide every year to maintain vigour and flowering.

Marginal and pondside plants add interest, colour and structure to ponds, and offer the benefit of delightful fragrance. They are ideal for places near to patio or decking areas, where their sweet aroma can be appreciated. The plants can be positioned around the perimeter of a pond or on levelled shelves for original and attractive exposure. Marginal plants should be planted in boggy ground or shallow water for optimal growth results.

Below is a comparison of pot sizes. From left to right: 9cm Pot, 1L Pot, 3L Pot


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