Large Terrarium Substrate Kit

Code: GF1037
Large Terrarium Substrate Kit

This kit supplies you with the base ingredients you need to craft your terrarium, these essential elements will ensure your terrarium starts strong. Put down a layer of pebbles, which acts as water drainage, then sprinkle a layer of activated charcoal to keep the water fresh and fight off bacterial growth, then lay a good amount of the compost for your plants to sit in.

This kit is suitable for the 55 litre terrarium bottle set.


  • Height: 40cm (1ft 3¾)
  • Width: 40cm (1ft 3¾)
  • Depth: 40cm (1ft 3¾)
  • In this set :
    • 1x funnel
    • 3x bag of terrarium soil
    • 1x tub charcoal
    • 3x bag of terrarium stones
Check out this video to see how it’s done:


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