LLW UV Pond Clarifier

Code: WF11062
LLW UV Pond Clarifier
LLW UV Pond Clarifier

This Smartline pond clarifier is designed to kill harmful bacteria and clump and kill algae. This clarifier should only be used from May to September for a limited number of hours. From October to April, UV clarification is not usually necessary. During the first week of use, the clarifier should only be run for four hours a day to prevent sudden oxygen depletion caused by removing algae too quickly.

How long should the clarifier be run for?

  • Very murky pond water: 12hrs

  • Murky pond water (can see down a few cms): 8 hrs

  • Slightly murky pond water (can see down 50cms): 4 hrs


Can be used on ponds up to 12000l

Length: 32cm (12½in) x 8cm (3 1?6in) x 8cm (3 1?6in)


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