Lonicera japonica 'Henryi' | 3L Pot

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Lonicera japonica 'Henryi' | 3L Pot

A Honeysuckle bearing yellow tubular blooms, offering a sweet and nectarous scent

Also referred to as Henry's Honeysuckle, 'Lonicera Henryi' will bear yellow, tubular blooms, that gracefully blend into rose-pink towards their outer edges. Each flower offers a delightfully sweet, nectarous scent, so we encourage you to plant your Honeysuckle within close proximity to a doorway. These blooms will also be followed by red or black berries. The evergreen foliage of this Honeysuckle comprises of lance-shaped leaves, that rest beneath the masses of flowers. To ensure that your Honeysuckle thrives, we advise you to plant in soil that is moist, yet well-drained, and receives either full sun or partial shade.

Variety Information

Flowering Period June - September
Flower Colour Yellow
Scented Yes
Suitable For Shade No
Features Abundant Flowers, evergreen foliage, scented flowers.

Size Information

Supplied As 3L Pot
Approx Height on Arrival The size of your plant can be affected by various factors such as weather conditions and their specific variety. However with the correct care, they will able to reach their eventual height and spread, detailed below.0.5m - 0.9m (1.6ft - 3ft)
Growth Rate Fast (1-3ft annually)
Eventual Height & Spread Eventual size depends on both environmental and genetic conditions. 3m x 3m (10 x 10ft)

As we recommend with all plants, it is key to regularly water newly planted plants in the months after planting.

Jasmine plants are extremely versatile and can even be grown as part of hedge or up a tree

When planting, dig a hole twice the circumference of the pot. Ensure the pot sits roughly level with the soil, with the graft point above the soil. Infill, the remaining space with a mix of compost and garden soil, but do not compress the soil.

In terms of care, watering is important especially during the summer months. They will need a thorough watering twice weekly during dry spells.

Honeysuckle produce on this year's growth, so can be pruned anytime after flowering till spring.

Your honeysuckle will be sent directly from our trusted grower, based in the heart of England, straight to your doorstep. This approach means that you receive a nursery fresh plant which was on the growing table one day and at your door the next.

Our expert climber nursery has spent decades perfecting the art of watering feeding and pruning climbers and will do so until hours before it is packed. We see this as a real advantage over garden centres, were plants can be left unattended for weeks on end, or even other mail order companies that despatch from fulfillment sites.

This plant is grown on a cane and expertly packaged into a specially designed, extra thick cardboard box, which holds the plant in place, and sent through a delicate courier network to prevent any chance of damage in transit.

Honeysuckle plants are easy to grow. Below we address some common queries:

  • Position: Honeysuckle prefer full sun but will suffice in partial shade.
  • Soil Types: soil types are best ignored and remain an unwelcome confusion. Every plant will adapt to its conditions. Simply, avoid waterlogged soils and apply mulch to improve aeration.
  • Planting In Pots: choose a pot around 50cm deep and be sure to apply mulch. Ensure regular watering in the warmer months.
  • Hardiness: Honeysuckle can be found growing throughout temperate regions, and are well suited to the UK climate.
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