Magnolia Tree Collection | Stellata, Susan & Soulangeana

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Magnolia Tree Collection | Stellata, Susan & Soulangeana
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Magnolia Tree Collection | Stellata, Susan & Soulangeana

Grow the three most stunning magnolia in your garden

This Collection Includes:

  • 1ft Susan Magnolia Tree | 9cm Pot
  • 1ft Stellata Magnolia Tree | 9cm Pot
  • 1ft Soulangeana Magnolia Tree | 9cm Pot

Susan Magnolia Tree

A beautiful Magnolia with vibrant, royal purple blooms

Abundant deep pink-purple goblet shaped flowers sprout from this upright deciduous tree. Magnolia 'Susan' boasts dark burgundy buds during winter. When spring comes, beautiful twisted petals emerge, giving a pleasing contrast to the rich green foliage.

Magnolia 'Susan' is best planted in moist and well-drained soil and can grow to four metres, making it a lovely addition for a small garden. As the flowers are frost sensitive they are best kept out of frost pockets and windy exposed spots.

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Stellata Magnolia Tree

Magically dainty, star-shaped white flowers, perfect for small gardens

Commonly referred to as the Star Magnolia, the Magnolia stellata tree boasts pure white obovate flowers (sometimes with a pale pink tinge) in the spring, blossoming from small silky buds during winter time. The deciduous Japanese tree emits a pleasantly soft fragrance and holds little space, making it an ideal plant for gardens with limited area to play with.

This easy care shrub requires little pruning and will reward you by creating a fantastic focal point in the garden offering year round interest.

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Soulangeana Magnolia Tree

Beautiful cup shaped flowers and attractive bronze-green foliage

The Magnolia soulangeana is the most famous of the Magnolia, and for good reason. The elegant rose-pink flowers of this deciduous bushy tree start to appear in spring, normally around the same time the gorgeous bronze green foliage starts to emerge.

As the Magnolia soulangeana grows older it still remains compact but shapely, making it ideal for small gardens.

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Caring and Maintenance

Water during dry periods. Remove any weeds by hand and place a mulch around the plant in winter if you would like to avoid further weeds. Prune when dormant between late autumn and late winter. Aim to remove the old wood, as fruit grows on new wood.


  • Planting Distance: 1.2m

Dig a hole at least twice the size of the root ball. Ideally, mulch with compost or rotted manure. Firm the bush in well before watering.

Can be planted at any time of the year, as it is a containerised plant.


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