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Wooden Compost Bins

Wooden Compost 

Compost bins made of wood, for an all-natural look to complement the creation of your all-natural plant food. Layer up household organic waste and lawn clippings (thinly) with soil and worms (if you've got them) to get the composting process going for a steady supply of plant-nourishing excellence.

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  • Benefits of a wooden compost bin

    There are plenty of composting options, so why choose a wooden compost bin? The main benefit of a wooden compost bin is that they can hold large amounts of material – this is particularly beneficial if you’re trying to achieve hot composting rather than cold, which is more environmentally friendly. 

    Besides the volume of compost it can hold, a wooden compost bin will be easier to move around your garden than other options, and is more aesthetically pleasing than plastic alternatives.

  • Do wooden compost bins rot?

    Wooden compost bins won’t last forever. Wood does deteriorate over time, especially when it’s exposed to actively decomposing material and the unavoidable leakage that comes with it. However, as with other wooden garden items, the lifespan of your wooden compost bin can be extended with proper wood treatments and maintenance. 
  • Does a wooden compost bin need a lid?

    Your wooden compost bin doesn’t need a lid – lids are optional as they could be considered compost piles rather than containers. However, placing tarpaulin over the top of your wooden compost bin can help regulate temperature and moisture, and if you’re worried about pests it can help keep them at bay.

    Discover even more ways to compost at home with our full range of compost bins at Primrose. You can find a great choice of options, including plastic and metal composters, plus many more.