Marcuba Floor Fountain Set with LED light

Code: WF11100
Marcuba Floor Fountain Set with LED light
Height45 cm( 1 ft 5 in )
Width79 cm( 2 ft 7 in )
Length79 cm( 2 ft 7 in )
Marcuba Floor Fountain Set with LED light

The Marcuba floor fountain set is an interesting and unusual addition to your patio or garden. Watch as water spouts from the floor without creating a slipping hazard or puddle. This feature works using an underground reservoir which is cleverly hidden beneath a cover designed to mimic the appearance of patio tiling. Water shoots from the pump and onto the cover, where it seeps through the “cracks” in the tiling and back into the basin below.

This feature comes with everything you need to set it up, including pump, LED light, reservoir, cover, hose and accessories.


Tiled Cover Dimensions: Length: 75cm (2ft 5 ½in) x Width: 75cm (2ft 5 ½in) x Height: 3cm (1?in)

Reservoir Dimensions: Length: 79cm (2ft 7in) x Width: 79cm (2ft 7in) x Height: 45cm (1ft 6in)


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