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Marquees & Party Tents

Marquees and Party Tents

Our answer to shelter and warmth for an outside party or event. Here at Primrose, we offer a wonderful range of marquees ranging from budget, to small, standard, and luxury, as well as gazebos!

You can choose from many different colours and sizes so you can be confident you've got a high-quality, wind resistant party tent. All you need is marquee furniture, marquee heaters, and marquee flooring to top it off.

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Marquees & Party Tents FAQ

  • Are your marquees waterproof?

    Marquees and gazebos protect against the elements, including a waterproof roof and side panels that also protect against UV rays. You can be confident that they are robust, sturdy and can even survive the wildest parties.

  • What is the difference between a marquee and a gazebo?

    People often use the words marquee and gazebo interchangeably, however they are two different products.

    A marquee is a more sophisticated choice of a bigger size for large scale social events. This would be the more popular option for bespoke private events such as a wedding ceremony.

    A gazebo is much more lightweight and temporary that can be assembled and taken apart rather easily. Gazebos are also generally smaller and cheaper. Decorate it how you want with garden lighting and garden furniture for the perfect aesthetic.

  • Can you join marquees together?

    Indeed you can – place them side by side to create one larger space. You can join your marquees using a marquee gutter, which is a strip of PVC with eyelets so you can attach it to the other marquee.

    Shop our online range today and find a marquee at a price that suits you.