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Medium Ornamental Colour Pond Plant Collection 3x 1L Pots

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Medium Ornamental Colour Pond Plant Collection 3x 1L Pots

A perfect solution for quickly and easily adding colour and life to a garden pond or a planter of your choice, this bespoke collection of bright and varied flowers have been specially chosen by plant specialists Anglo Aquatic Plants.

Three plants are carefully selected based on the time of year they are dispatched, guaranteeing that you receive the best plants to make the greatest impact in your garden. They are carefully curated so that you recieve plants that thrive at different depths. It can be complicated working out which plants to choose and this ready-to-go pack will save you time and you can be confident that each plant was selected with care.

Thick foliage is mixed with long stalks and an array of eye catching strong reds, pale pinks, bright yellows and whites against a lush backdrop of green to brighten up your garden or patio. This range provides bright, beautiful colour all year round and is perfect for those who want to make the most of their garden no matter the season.

Marsh Marigold - Caltha Palustris

Glossy kidney or heart shaped leaves bear beautiful yellow flowers on the Marsh Marigold, a popular plant rich in buds. The spread of this plant can reach 50cm with rich fleshy foliage.

White Star Grass - Dichromena colorata

Wispy heads of white sit atop the aptly named White Star Grass which can grow up to a height of 60cm. This lovely plant can grow in both sunshine and semi shade.

Water forget-me-not - Myosotis scorpioides

The Water Forget-me-not is wonderful in offering a strong spread to cover the tops of water to give shelter to pond life. With a growth height of 20-30cm the plant gives glimmers of yellow and blue in its flowers which stand out against the green foliage.

Pickerel Weed - Pontederia Cordata

Tall lilac and dark blue cones sway atop the Pickerel Weed which loves the sun and can reach heights between 1m-1.5cmHeart shaped leaves spike out of the plant which will give your pond a compelling element.

Red Emperor Mimulus Cupreus

Intense reds and tinges of pink are a focal point for your Pond in a Pot in the regal Red Emperor. This plant will spread and creep across your pond offering boats of trumpeted flowers in wild bright red.

Water Hawthorn Aponogeton Distachyus

Flat green glossy leaves hold up forked racemes of small, fragrant, white flowers with purple anthers in this exotic plant which will give a beautiful and wildlife friendly surface to your Pond in a Pot. The leaves which can spread up to 1m also serve to reduce algae growth by giving further shade to the water beneath.

Number of plants included in kit: 3

  • Marsh Marigold - Caltha Palustris 1L
  • White Star Grass - Dichromena colorata 1L
  • Water forget-me-not - Myosotis scorpioides 1L
  • Pickerel Weed - Pontederia Cordata 1L
  • Red Emperor Mimulus Cupreus 1L
  • Water Hawthorn Aponogeton Distachyus 1L

All Year Colour plants collection contains:

Our experts will specially select three of the best plants for the time of year of dispatch to ensure you receive a kit bursting with life and colour, perfect for attracting wildlife into your garden. Listed below are examples of plants that may feature in your carefully crafted pack.

More Information
Flower Colour Red
Flowering Month April
Is Collection/Mix? No
Location Ponds & Pond Accessories
Region Marginal & Pond Edge
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Supplied As 1L Pot
Supplied As 1L Pot
Pond Function Flowering
Type Pond Plants
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