Pond Misters and Foggers

Misters add beauty and charm to your pond or water feature. They take simple, still areas of water and turn them into calming, unique focal points in your house or garden. Some of our misters also come with LED lights which adds even more atmosphere to your display.

Is it smoke or mist? How is the mist created?

It's not smoke, it's water vapour - real mist. The water isn't boiling; there is no appreciable heat generated. Misters have a membrane which vibrates at an ultrasonic level, causing the water molecules to be released into the air.

We offer both indoor and outdoor Misters, the outdoor Misters are a lot more powerful than the indoor version and create a lot more mist. Misters need to be a certain depth under the water to work perfectly. In order to achieve this the mister sits in a float (usually included in your purchase). Our Misters have between 1 and 9 membranes. The amount of mist produced is directly proportionate to the number of Membranes. They range from dispensing 70ml/hour to a massive 720ml/hour. If you would like your mister to create a more dramatic effect then a mister with more membranes would be perfect.

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