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Read our guide - how to catch moles Mole traps are a poison free, fast and effective mole control option for the protection of lawns and gardens. They are suitable for use in all weather conditions and are simple to set up. Traps are most effective if bought in bulk and set up all around the mole tunnel system, which is why we offer a fantastic discount on bulk orders. As well as a range of traditional mole traps, we also stock a humane mole trap, and many other options such as poisens and mole smokes.

Humane Mole Control

Advanced Solar Mole Repeller PestBye®

Advanced Solar Mole Repeller PestBye®


Due in 31/1/2022

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Guaranteed to work or your money back!
Ultrasonic mole repellers are the humane and easy way to clear moles from your lawn. These devices are quick, easy and safe to use. They create deep-frequency vibrations through the soil that drive moles away.
Simple to use - just push into the ground and leave it.
Available as Solar or battery powered. We recommend the Advanced Solar mole repeller - it will work 24 hours a day even in winter.