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Monstera deliciosa | Swiss Cheese Plant

Air Purifying Easy Care Attractive Customer Favourite Beginner-friendly
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Stuart Thomas

Ornament your home with a stunning house plant boasting excellent air-purifying abilities.

A jungle giant made
perfect for every home

Perfect For
Purifying air, filling space and turning heads with its deep, emerald leaves

Quick Care
Easy - just light watering when dry, and keep it between 15 and 25°C

Preferred Location
Living room with plenty of space, out of direct sunlight

Pet/Family Safe
Toxic if eaten



About Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa is the house plant for drawing attention and purifying the air. Available in sizes from tidy desk to floor-to-ceiling wonders, it's no wonder the Monstera is our most popular house plant year after year.

It's great for starter house plant owners who aren't sure of how to care for them - all you need to do is give it water when it's dry and you're good to go. They hail from tropical forests in Central America, so they're used to making the most of any water and space they can get and growing quickly when they can.

Choose a moss pole for trained and maintained height, or go free form for a Monstera that's as individual as you are. 

Whichever you choose, that moment the leaves pop out of the box is one to remember!


Essential Guide to
House Plant Care
With Mr Plant Geek

From house plant positioning and frequency of feeding, let Mr Plant Geek help you take your house plant from wilting to wonderful

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Want to find out more?

A jungle giant made perfect for every home

One of the most iconic and recognisable house plants, the Monstera Deliciosa has been a favourite for decades now. Very easy to grow the monstera is the perfect variety for beginners who want a big impact plant for their collection. Originally from the tropical forests of Mexico these plants can grow over 60 feet tall in the wild. Indoors they are a little more tame, but their fast growth and large leaves make them a favourite for many. The characteristic leaves will slowly unfurl and darken to a beautiful deep green and the older the plant the more perforations will appear on the leaves; a trait which earned it the name of 'Swiss Cheese Plant'. Monstera's can be displayed in a number of ways, either trained to climb up, usually with the assistance of a moss pole, or left to spread out wild and care free. NASA has also rated the monstera as one of the best air purifying houseplants.

Planting Tip

Place in an empty corner of a room for a dramatic, botanical accent!
  • Fresh From the Nursery
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Air Purifying Abilities
  • Unique Perforations
  • Charming, Trailing Appearance
  • Deep Emerald Leaves


Plant Theory is all about great plants delivered straight to your door in the best state possible. Clever folds help hold the plant in place, and wrapping will be applied where needed if your plant needs extra care.

Show off your plant in style

Please note, all of our house plants arrive in a nursery pot as standard. You can find a more permanent home for your plant in our wide range of indoor plant pots.

How your order will arrive

Your plant will be happy in a well-lit location. With most houseplants, it is best to avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch their leaves. We believe that a little way back from a window in a bright room is optimum.

The foliage of your plant may become a little dusty, so just wipe them down with a damp cloth occasionally (try not to come into direct contact with the plant).

More Information
Why X?

How much space willl I need?

  • Estimated Plant Height: 80cm
  • Pot Diameter: H15cm / W19cm
  • Preferred Location: Bright Indirect light - avoid direct sunlight
  • Temperature Range: 15-25C
  • Watering Requirements: Water once a week and mist when temperatures rise
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No