What Are The Most Popular Planters In 2021?

Container gardens are a great way for anyone to make full use of their space by creating new opportunities for planting. Whether your outdoors consists of a full lawn or simply a patio or balcony, planters can provide structure, allow you to have a bigger variety of plants and put a unique personality stamp onto your space with the hundreds of design options available.

Concrete Planters

One of our favourite trends this year is the rising popularity of concrete planters. Always popular choices for houseplants, this trend has now made it outside making this trendy indoor feature a new must-have in outdoor design. They can be left to age naturally or decorated with paint and will last year after year.

  • Simple smooth finish - the smooth appearance of concrete allows it to have a nice clean finish that goes well with a variety of designs. Whether you want a minimalist space, a modern block design or even a japanese style space, the versatility of concrete allows it to fit into all of these spaces with ease.
  • Semi Permanent - one of the drawbacks of a container garden is that it can be tricky to make things look intentional instead of just “floating around” a space. Concrete looks heavy and so helps combat this by appearing more robust.
  • Concrete planters offer both insulation and protection for the roots of your plant.

Consider Polystone

Fancy something with more texture? Our polystone planters offer all the aesthetic benefits of stone whilst being both lighter and more weather resistant.

Ideal Plants For Concrete Planters

Concrete planters are perfect for displaying plants with lots of lush green foliage. Think about large palms, shade loving ferns or bushy conifers. The blocks of green will contrast wonderfully with the smooth concrete to create a sleek modern appearance.

Wooden Planters

Always a staple of garden design; the natural aesthetic of wood and timber makes for a beautiful look no matter your space. With timber you have the choice of staining it to protect the wood and keep it looking new or to allow it to age naturally where the natural ageing of the wood can bring out a whole new appearance.

  • Easy to personalise - its easy to add some character to wooden planters with some choice paint. You can paint the entire planter with a single colour or stain, otherwise you can use colour blocking or paint a unique design onto the face to achieve a more artsy bohemian look.
  • Blends in with furniture - its easy to shop wooden garden furniture that has some resemblance to your wooden planters, allowing you to create a look that is cohesive and intentional.

Softwood Or Hardwood?

Hardwoods tend to be more weather resistant and so are great options for planters you want to feature as a permanent focal point outdoors. Softwood planters come treated, but benefit from yearly treatments to protect them from the weather.

Ideal Plants For Wooden Planters

Wooden planters allow you to be versatile with your planting. Their natural appearance makes them a great option for displaying all kinds of planting.

Terracotta Planters

Terracotta is a beautiful natural material that has been used for centuries and terracotta planters allow you to create wonderful areas for planting. Terracotta will protect and insulate your plants and because its a porous material it will also help prevent your soil from becoming waterlogged.

  • The porous material allows both air and water to pass through the pot to a greater degree than something like wood. This means that the roots will have better aeration, which in turn means the soil is less likely to become damaged by overwatering. It can mean however that you need to water plants that are in terracotta pots a little more often than you would normally, but the final results are worth it.
  • Terracotta planters are also ideal for houseplants because of these same conditions. So you can continue a single design from inside to out to achieve a nice cohesive look through your home and garden.

Consider Fibrecotta

Though terracotta is certainly on trend, the material isn't always best suited to unpredictable British weather. Another option could be fibrecotta; a material that has the aesthetic qualities of traditional terracotta whilst being stronger and more resilient to harsh weather.

Ideal Plants For Terracotta Planters

Plants that benefit from drier soils like cacti and succulent plants are great for terracotta planters. But when we see terracotta we think of mediterranean lifestyle so they also look great with things like olive trees or other fruit bearing trees like a lemon tree.

Zinc Planters

Zinc is a material that can give any outdoor space a quick contemporary look. They are lighter than other metal planters such as steel and they come in a variety of colour options so you can find a great match for your garden. We love our range of copper planters which produce a really nice aesthetic when combined with wooden items.

  • The smooth reflective finish of the metal makes a great platform to highlight your planting.
  • Zinc is resistant to rust and so can remain outdoors for long periods of time without you having to worry about the metal degrading over time.

Ideal Plants For Zinc Planters

Zinc planters can be used to house a variety of plants but the smooth surfaces work well with plants that feature strong foliage. Things such as palms with large spiky fronds will make a great impression in a zinc planter.

Shape & Size Options

Many people love the benefits of having large plants in their gardens and planters are a great way to include larger plants in a way that gives you some control over their growth. You can create a bold display with big plants without having to worry about planting them in the ground. Any of the planter styles above can be used to house ornamental plants and trees and the stronger materials such as concrete and polystone are ideal for containing the excessive growth of trees whilst making maintenance easier work. At Primrose, you’ll find a wide range of planters available in a variety of shapes and sizes.