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Once you have tasted the luxury of an awning fixed to the house, usually above the patio window, you simply would not go back. They are such an important and useful addition they should be standard builds into new houses, like windows and air bricks. Attached to the wall, an awning is a pull out shade to disperse the full brightness of the sun, creating a comfortable space in which to sit. But it does a lot more than that!

If your awning is set above double doors leading to the patio, it does a lot to control the temperature in the room. There is a lot said, these days, about the garden room, blurring the space between the house and the patio and therefore the rest of the garden. Nowhere is this most keenly highlighted than under the awning. Climatically the space between the house and the patio is equalized. This is enhanced if you have a BBQ on the patio, and some people have built in seating, making the awning / patio / house a place for congregation and talk.

Not just the sun

People forget that awnings are not just for sun protection. The awning creates a microclimate underneath which is pleasant during the day, but can be essential in the evening. If you are having a party in the garden, the awning at night traps the warmth from the house - even the house wall radiates enough warmth to keep this space pleasant, creating the ideal area for conversation and parties that go beyond nightfall.


With Primrose self-fit awnings the assembly process is easy, and any average DIY person can do it - essentially, if you can drill a hole and hammer in an expansion hole, then you can fit an awning. There are two important aspects. You need to be sure your awning is level, so measure and mark the wall, and then measure and mark again so you are completely sure your fixing brackets are in the right place.

Once fixed, you need two people to lift the awning in place, so you need two ladders or better still, a tower, which can be hired very cheaply. You are rarely fitting your awning too high, but even so, have someone on hand to keep an eye on the business end of the ladder.


There are lots of designs, bright or conservative, some with side arms, others without. There is an awning to fit your situation and pocket. And if you simply cannot attach an awning to your home you can get them built into a stand that you can put anywhere. The valances are detachable, giving you a great deal of freedom - washable, changeable - indeed, you can have a pattern that matches your mood or the occasion.

Half Cassette verses Full Cassette

When the awning is retracted, it is essentially rolled around a tube. A Half Cassette awning has a 'roof' over the roll in order to protect it from the elements, but this does not extend around the whole of the retracted awning. A Full Cassette awning retracts into a metal casing, completely encompassing the rolled fabric, allowing the maximum amount of protection.

Just in case you were wondering...

What holds them up? The ends of the awning are attached to the mechanism, and hence the wall, by two sprung folding arms that extend as you wind out the structure. The winding can be done by a motor, or a long handle that unscrews the awning. Either way, once it is out, you can expect a whole new gardening experience! And don't forget a cover for your awning to keep it in tip-top condition during the winter months.

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