Mythical Beast Stone Statue

Code: DF0323
Mythical Beast Stone Statue
Mythical Beast Stone Statue

Said to protect the garden from intruders, the chimera is a fantastical beast. Originally a mythical creature; part lion, part snake, and part goat, chimera has become a term for fantastical beasts, and this statue certainly matches that description. The statue is handmade in composite stone.


  • Fearsome protective guardian for the garden
  • Talking point for both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Handmade in composite stone
  • Will achieve an aged patina, and attract moss and lichens
  • Accumulates value as it ages and becomes unique

The classical chimera was a fearsome beast, so this little guy might be helpful in scaring off the local cats and foxes - you can only wait and see! It is an interesting statue that is certain to draw the eye in any space, indoor or outdoor. Handmade with care and attention from composite stone, this piece will age uniquely as a patina develops and nature discovers your statue. With this age and colouring comes value, and several items have been sold at auction houses for several times their original price, due to the unique aging.


Height 53cm (1ft 8¾in)
Base: Width 31cm (1ft ¼in) x Length 31cm (1ft ¼in)


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