Nandina Plants

With elegant elliptical leaves and fantastic autumn colour, nandina plants are a fantastic addition to any border.

Also known as heavenly or sacred bamboo, nandina plants are unrelated to bamboo plants proper, with nandina deriving from the Japanese "nanten" meaning problem solving. Ostensibly a great listener, sharing your thoughts with the plant is supposed to provide relief!

As a genus Nandina is comprised of only one species (Nandina domestica), making it monotypic. This does not mean there aren't fantastic varieties and Primrose stocks the best 'Fire Power' and 'Twilight'. The former producing unmatched fiery displays, the latter a mass of colour.

Nandinas thrive when given space and are best left alone in a pot due to their extensive root systems. Possessing fantastic shape nandinas require minimal maintenance, but can become quite large - up to 2m.

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