Narcissus 'Ice King' | Daffodil | Pack of 15 Flower Bulbs

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Narcissus 'Ice King' | Daffodil | Pack of 15 Flower Bulbs

A unique Daffodil variety sporting carnation-like blooms encircled by dusky yellow petals

Daffodil 'Ice King' is the epitome of spring with its double, trumpet-shaped blooms that sport pastel yellow colouring. The centres are a little darker than the outer lemon coloured petals, but as they age, they will mature to an idyllic ivory shade. Another interesting thing about this plant is that the inner part of the flower almost resembles a carnation due to its ruffled appearance! As such, this variety is perfect if you wish to enjoy a more unique take on the traditional Daffodil.

Variety Information

Bulbs Included 15 x Daffodil 'Ice King'
Planting Period September to December
Flowering Period March to April
Sun Requirements Full sun or part shade
Planting Depth and Distance 10cm (4"), 10cm (4")


Lovingly Grown BulbsOur trusted nursery have specialised in growing and packaging bulbs for many years. With sustainability and biodiversity their utmost priority, you can feel confident that you will receive high quality bulbs.
Pale Yellow Double Flowers
Great for Beginner Gardeners
The Perfect Springtime Display
Delivered in Secure Packaging

Planting Tip

Add organic fertiliser when planting for larger blooms come spring...
Optional Extras
  • 90cm Polystone Grey Lismore Low Planter
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  • 26cm Garden Scissors by Kent & Stowe
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  • Ceramic Rectangular Planter - 39cm (1ft 2in)
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  • Pro-Grow Peat-free Multi-purpose Compost 50L
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  • Anti-Mole Bulb Planter
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  • Hori Hori Garden Trowel by Barnel
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About your Bulbs

A family ran business, our trusted bulb grower have specialised in growing and packaging bulbs for many decades. With over 40 members of staff caring for these bulbs each day, you can feel confident that your garden will soon be filled with beautiful, flourishing blooms!

Sustainability and biodiversity remains at the core of what they do. Because of this, chemicals are reduced to a minimum, and packaging and transportation operations are streamlined to leave a much smaller environmental footprint. So, by planting these bulbs, you won't only be help your garden, but the world around you too.

Growing Advice

It is best to make sure that you plant at the distance and depth detailed above. If too deep, the bulb may rot and the shoots emerge late. If too shallow, the bulb may emerge unevenly and have spindly growth.

Once shoots emerge, water thoroughly and regularly to encourage their growth. Fertiliser isn't essential, but it will help blooms to look their best. Simply apply a slow release fertiliser upon planting, or alternatively apply liquid fertiliser once the growing season begins.

For a more detailed planting guide, why not read our detailed blog below?

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