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Natural Cat Deterrent - Old English Lavender x 5 - 9cm Pot

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Natural Cat Deterrent - Old English Lavender x 5 - 9cm Pot

Much as we love our furry friends they don't always love our gardens. Cats for example can be terrors for digging up plants and using your beautiful borders and flower beds as toilets. As cat feces isn't fertile the soil will be ruined over time and less and less plants will be able to grow in this area.

Although many of us associate the smell of lavender with summer evenings and relaxation, cats can't stand it. Lavandula Angustifolia is better known as ""Old English Lavender"" and its bright colour and unmistakable scent make it a beautiful addition to the garden. Spreading these hardy little shrubs around your garden amongst other plants will be a treat for you and a deterrent to wandering felines. Another good reason to plant Lavender in the garden is that while cats hate it, bees, butterflies and other pollinators absolutely love it! This will help the other plants in your garden thrive.


  • This pack contains 5 x Lavandula Angustifolia ""Old English Lavender""
  • The scent of lavender is also effective at repelling mosquitos and similar biting insects
  • Hardy and fast growing, lavender doesn't require much attention and is very tolerant to dry conditions


  • Approx. Growth Height:0.5-1.m (2ft-3ft)
  • Rate of Growth: Fast
  • Excellent Pest Repeller
  • Foliage Colour: Green/ silver
  • Flower Colour: Lilac/ purple
  • Flowering period: Late spring/ early summer
  • Tolerance: Tolerant to most soils, prefers full sun/ partial shade
  • Growing Habit: Bushy, low growing
  • Hardiness: Somewhat Hardy
  • Exposure: Exposed/ sheltered
  • Suitable for containers
  • Arrives as: 9cm Pot
  • Height on Arrival: 8-10cm
  • Number of shrubs: 5
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