Norfolk Leisure 60cm Verona Fire Basket

Code: OL60032
Norfolk Leisure 60cm Verona Fire Basket
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Norfolk Leisure 60cm Verona Fire Basket
Verona Fire Basket 60cm

With its striking, characterful design, the Verona Fire Basket is sure to contribute a great deal to your outdoor space as an entrancingly attractive focal point. The flickering glow of burning logs never fails to attract and hold attention, and the handmade Verona Fire Basket is designed to make the most of this, with the fire visible from every angle. The large size of the basket has room for many burning logs, able to emanate plenty of warmth and light for all your guests.

Built from high quality steel with a hard-wearing black finish, the Verona Fire Basket is a decorative feature in its own right, but truly comes into its own when burning brightly in a dark evening.

  • An absorbing centrepiece - perfect for gathering around on a cold evening, the flickering flames never fail to hold attention, while the heat keeps guests toasty and snug
  • Effective basket design - makes the most of the heat and light, sending it out in every direction to ensure no-one is left in the cold
  • Large basket shape - able to hold enough logs for an impressive roaring fire
  • High build quality - handmade out of durable, heat resistant steel to ensure many years of happy use
  • Height: 55cm (22in)
  • Width: 60cm (24in)
  • Depth: 60cm (24in)


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