Oase Lunaqua Underwater Lighting Parts - Lunaqua 10 Cable Only

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Oase Lunaqua Underwater Lighting Parts - Lunaqua 10 Cable Only
Length23 cm( 9.1 in )
Designed by the Mercedes of the pond technology world, Oase, the Lunaqua lighting range uses state-of-the art technology to create a range of lighting effects.

The Lunaqua outdoor range consists of the following products:

  • Lunaqua 3 – high quality 20W garden lights for use in and out of water, supplied as singles or sets of two or three. Click here for more details.
  • Lunaqua 10 – high quality high powered 5 – 75W garden lights for use in and out of water. Suitable for professional and domestic use. See below for more details.

Lunaqua 10

The Lunaqua 10 lighting system is a top of the range system popular with professional landscapers, for use in and out of water.

The lights use 5W or 20W halogen bulbs above water and 75W under water and are thus some of the brightest garden lights available. They are manufactured from impact resistant plastic, with a special structured glass cover and an aluminium reflector which breaks up the light giving a warm diffuse effect. The integrated mounting bracket gives a swivel range of 180 degrees; an optional 23cm spike allows you to stick the lights into the ground. Special colour lenses are available to change the colour of the light.

All components are available individually: you purchase the lights, bulbs, colour lenses and cable separately in a combination to suit your requirements. All products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Laguna 10 spot light: 145cm x 160cm x 182cm

Please note: This light uses 150V transformer - not supplied.

Please call us if you need any assistance.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.5/5 (2 reviews)

Rating: 5/5

"Great product, excellent service. Why can't some of the bigger companies operate in the same way."

Reviewed Monday, 27 February 2012

Rating: 4/5

"very good service, however, the lights are still in the box, work is in progress on my koi pool, and i have to save up to pay the electrician!- but i'm sure the 70 watt blue light will work a treat- its the only company i found with this large wattage. Thankyou, Graham m"

Reviewed Sunday, 27 February 2011

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