Oase Solarsafe 17 Solar Energy Storage Unit

Code: WF0302
Oase Solarsafe 17 Solar Energy Storage Unit
Solar Panel included?Yes
Height27 cm( 10.6 in )
Width36 cm( 1 ft 2 in )
Length27 cm( 10.6 in )
Oase Solarsafe 17 Solar Energy Storage Unit

The Solarsafe 17 is a great solution for dramatically improving the operational period of the Oase Solar range. This storage and control unit enables you to store the energy that is collected from the solar panels so that it may be used to power the Oase Solar range during periods where there has been little sunlight. It can hold enough energy to run a properly matched pump for up to 25 hours and also features an intelligent energy storage and distribution system that offers three operational modes to suit any requirement: daylight only, timed twilight operation and continuous operation. With the Solarsafe 17 you can connect up to 2 solar modules in order to power the unit as well as run a maximum of 3 pieces of equipment from the Oase Solar range.


  • Stores energy so that you can power other Oase Solar products when lighting has been poor
  • Will store enough energy to power an Oase pump for up to 25 hours
  • Features 3 operational modes to meet any requirement: daylight only, timed twilight or continuous
  • Can connect to two solar modules and power 3 separate pieces of equipment for increased effectiveness
  • Integrated LED control indicator to tell you when the battery needs charging

Considered the Mercedes of the pond technology world, Oase have developed a superb range of solar products that will enable you to install fountains, watercourses and lights in your pond without the need for mains power. Even if there is a power outlet available, in this age of rising energy prices and global warming, solar power is clearly the smart and safe way to go.

Please note that you will also need a solar panel to power them whilst the sun is shining; however, the solar panel is not included with the product.


Length: 36cm (14.2ins) x Width: 36cm (14.2ins) x Length: 27cm (10.6ins)
Storage Capacity: 17 Amp Hours


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