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Festoon Lights

Festoon Lights

Fill your garden with light with these festoon lights from Primrose. Perfect for garden parties and cosy evening atmospheres, festoon lights are best when hung up between bushes, trees and fences. Experiment and create the ideal garden glow for you!

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Festoon and Hanging Garden Light FAQs

  • What is the easiest way to hang outdoor lights?

    The most obvious way to hang an outdoor light is to hang them from tree branches. However, if you want to get a little more experimental with the placement of your hanging garden lights you may wish to consider using adhesive hooks or gutter hooks to help keep the lights in place. 

    While tape and staples can be used, they’re unlikely to hold up to any kind of inclement weather, so it’s best to choose something a little sturdier to hang your lights from.

  • How do you hang string lights in your backyard?

    There are so many spots that are great for string lights in any garden or backyard. The best areas tend to be long distances between trees, buildings or garden posts, over a covered deck, or along a fence. 

    Before you begin, measure the distances between the areas you’d like to hang your string lights and make sure there’s enough length in the string so that they won’t be pulled taut – the string should bow a little for a relaxed, draped look.

  • What are the most popular hanging garden lights?

    Our hanging garden lights at Primrose are all solar-powered. Solar-powered garden lights are the most popular to hang because you don’t need to worry about training a lead to a power source. This gives you the flexibility to hang them wherever you’d like in the garden. Discover our full range ofsolar garden lighting for even more inspiration.