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Solar Lights

Solar Lights 

Create a gorgeous ambience in your garden with an array of solar lighting, perfect for the darkening evenings. We have a huge range of outdoor solar lights for your garden, always at great prices.

Whether you're looking for beautiful string lights to hang around your garden, or a stunning solar lantern, we have everything you need to illuminate your garden. Discover our latest range of solar lights available now or check out all our available outdoor garden lighting.

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Solar Light FAQs

  • How long do solar lights usually last?

    Most garden solar lights should last for at least three to five years. These outdoor lights are designed to withstand the weather, so shouldn't be impacted by wind or rain. During winter, you might want to bring decorative lights inside to avoid any small pieces breaking when it's very windy.

    However, the batteries will eventually stop working. You'll know when you need to replace the battery as your solar light will start to dim or not light up at all. 

  • Do outdoor solar lights last in winter?

    Yes, your solar lights will work in winter, providing they get enough daylight to recharge the batteries. In a normal UK winter, your garden solar lights should still illuminate your garden perfectly - which is ideal in the darker months.
  • Ho do I choose my garden solar lights?

    Light up your trees and fences with solar string lights

    Outdoor solar lights are usually a decorative choice, so you can choose whichever style suits your garden. Perhaps you'd like some stunning hanging lights that can be placed on trees to light up your outdoor space. String solar lights are another great choice to illuminate the boundaries of your garden - they're great for draping across fences or trellises.

    Stand out with decorative solar lanterns and sculptures 

    We even have amazing solar sculptures, such as fairies and animals, which add a magical touch to your garden. Don't forget to browse our solar lanterns too, which are a wonderful decorative option that really stands out in your garden. They're ideal to give as gifts for green-thumbed friends and family, too.

    Illuminate boundaries with garden path lights

    If you're looking for something more practical, we stock gutter lighting and garden path lights, which are an affordable way to illuminate your outdoor space while creating helpful boundaries for you to navigate your way at night.

  • Discover solar powered lights for your garden today

    Here at Primrose, you'll find next-day delivery on the majority of our outdoor solar lights, so you can illuminate your garden as soon as tomorrow. Browse our complete collection today and find great deals online when you shop with us.
  • Are solar-powered lights any good?

    There are numerous benefits from solar garden lighting, particularly with fence and gutter lighting. Because of the location that you will be hanging your lights, it is ideal that they aren’t connected to the mains which could cause practicality issues, as well as any trailing cables looking unattractive. 

    Solar lights charge throughout the day ready to illuminate over the night – green energy that is extremely environmentally friendly, you’ll save money on bills and running costs. Many solar garden lighting comes with backup batteries in the event of a cloudy day or when we reach winter and there is generally less sunlight.

  • What does PIR stand for in lighting?

    You’ll see PIR in the names of our fence and gutter lighting products – this stands for “pyroelectric, passive, infrared”, which simply means it is a motion and heat detector. These lights come on when they detect movement and warmth, so just walk past to activate them.
  • Is it okay to leave solar lights on all night?

    Yes! What is great about solar-powered lights andsculptures is that they can be left on all night guilt-free. They don't use up any of your mains as they are powered by light from the sun. As long as it was a sunny enough day to charge them, they can be left on all night because they will charge the next day with renewable energy.

  • Does rain ruin solar lights?

    If made from glass or breakable materials and it is raining or snowing heavily, you might want to periodically bring your solar light sculpture in so that it isn’t damaged. You can put it back outside when there isn’t a chance it may be hit too hard by the elements.

    If it is raining or snowing, this might block the sculpture’s ability to charge, so just give it a wipe down so it has access to direct sunlight and can glow through the night.