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Pack of 20x 5m Galvanised Lawn Edging Roll - Black - H16.5cm

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Pack of 20x 5m Galvanised Lawn Edging Roll - Black - H16.5cm

Price saving compared to when purchasing separately

Never again suffer from having unsightly borders in your garden with this unique corrugated lawn edging.
Galvanised steel is durable enough to withstand all types of weather conditions and the rust-proof properties will make sure that this edging is keeping your borders neat for years to come, without losing it's colour. This edging can be easily resized to suit your garden borders by cutting to the desired size using tin snips.

Please see below for the silver and green version of this lawn edging:

  • Green
  • Silver

Alternative Sizes and Packs
Pack Quantity Price Total Length
Single Pack 5m
(16ft 5in)
2 Pack 10m
(32ft 9in)
3 Pack 15m
(49ft 2½in)
5 Pack 25m
(82ft ¼in)
10 Pack 50m
(164ft ½in)
20 Pack 100m
(328ft 1in)

Amazon Customer Review

"Initially I was a little unsure what to expect with regards to quality, sturdiness and the corrugated construction I need not have worried - when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised at the sturdiness of the product - very strong yet very flexible with rolled over edges for additional strength and also a great smooth dark grey finish. Very easy to install using a half moon border cutter to make the initial groove, push the edging into place and gently tap with a rubber mallet using a piece of timber to cushion and prevent buckling till the edging was at the level required. Once in place removed the turf at the border side and backed up the earth to keep in place. Job done, gives a very polished and crisp look to the borders and blends in to its background far better than expected - the corrugated face even looks good." 

- Amazon review, 16/09/2017


  • Made from galvanised steel - resistant to rust and strimmers
  • Stylish design - mechanically folded corrugated steel offers a unique way to line your borders, creating a contemporary aesthetic
  • PVC coating - the black finish will add some style your garden whilst providing an additional protective layer against rust or strimmers
  • Installation is quick and easy - just unroll along your border
  • Lawn edging creates a clean divide - can be easily cut to size simply using tin snips
  • Simplify your garden - eliminates the need for lawn edge trimming and reduces weed transfer


  • Height: 16.5cm (6½in)
  • Length: 5m (16ft 4¾in)
  • 20 x 5m rolls
More Information
Colour Black
Material Corrugated Metal, Metal