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Before You Buy

Size and capacity

Putting up your marquee



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Before you buy

Why buy from Primrose?

  • Durable products, designed for repeated use - either at home or on a commercial basis.

  • High levels of stock.

  • A wide range of sizes: from 3m x 4m (approx 10ft x 13ft) to 6m x 12m (approx 20ft x 13ft)

  • Quick despatch - 3 to 5 days is standard, next day delivery is available.

  • Expert customer service - speak to people that understand the product before you buy, benefit from our friendly after sales service where needed.

  • Great design, great instructions. Our marquees are easy to put up and take down - in less than two hours.

  • Best prices. Due to the high volumes we sell we offer very competitive prices.

  • Easy to transport. We package our marquees so that every package is a one man lift.

  • Fire retardant. Essential if you are trying to insure your event. Copies of our flammability test certificates are available upon request.

  • Full range of spares.

  • Extendable - if you decide to increase the length of your marquee at a later date we can help as long as the new length is one of our standard lengths.

  • The best guarantee on the market - Up to 3 years (read more below)

Size and capacity

What size marquee do I need? How many people can I fit in my marquee?

We give the approximate seating and standing (buffet) capacity of our marquees on these pages:

Standard marquees

Luxury marquees

There are also layout plans on the individual marquee pages.

In addition you can use our Party Planner to work out what size marquee you need.

Here are some rules of thumb:


  • Allow 0.69m² per person standing at a buffet.

Seated meal at round tables

  • Allow 0.95m² - 1.05m² per person seated.

  • Alternatively allow 4m x 3m for a 6ft seating 10-12; 3m x 3m for a 5ft table seating 8-10.

If space is tight use trestle tables

  • Allow 0.80m² - 0.95m² per person seated at a rectangular trestle table.

  • Alternatively allow 2m - 2.5m x 3m for an 8ft trestle table seating 8 people.

Can I join two marquees together?

You certainly can. Put the marquees side by side (you will need to use all the legs on both marquees). If you want to create one large space, don't hang the side panels on the interconnecting sides. To ensure there are no leaks through the join, purchase the appropriate sized marquee joining kit.

Can I divide my marquees into bays?

Yes. All you need is an extra end panel - this can be hung on the frame at the point where you want the divide to be.

Can I make my marquee smaller once I have bought it?

Our marquees are modular so you can reduce the length down to one of other standard sizes. All you need to buy is a roof for the new size.

So for example if you start with a 6m x 12m marquee and you decide you want to reduce it to a 6m x 8m marquee, simply purchase a 6m x 8m roof. Then when you build the marquee, follow the instructions for a 6m x 8m marquee. You will obviously have parts left over which you can keep in the box.

Can I make my marquee larger once I have bought it?

Our marquees are modular so you can increase the length to one of our standard sizes. All you need to buy is a roof for the new size, along with extra poles and fixings.

Suppose you start with a 4m x 6m marquee. Then you could increase this to a 4m x 10m marquee by buying a new 4m x 10m roof and some fixings. Contact us if you would like to do this and we will compile a package for you.

Alternatively it may be more practical to buy another marquee to put next to the original. Leave the interconnecting side panels off to create one big space. Then you can connect them with a guttering kit.

Putting up your marquee

Download instructions here

How long does it take to put up a marquee? How many people are required to put up a marquee?

It obviously depends on the size of the marquee. This table sets out the recommended number of people and the expected times. Where it says 2-3 people it means '2 can do it, 3 will make the job much easier'. Add 15 minutes on the first go!

3m x 4m 45 minutes 2 people
3m x 6m 1 hour 2 people
3m x 8m 1 hour 15 minutes 2 people
3m x 10m 1 hour 30 minutes 2-3 people
4m x 4m 45 minutes 2 people
4m x 6m 1 hour 2 people
4m x 8m 1 hour 15 minutes 2-3 people
4m x 12m 1 hour 45 minutes 2-3 people
6m x 6m 1 hour 30 minutes 2 people
6m x 8m 1 hour 45 minutes 2-3 people
6m x 10m 2 hours 2-3 people
6m x 12m 2 hours 15 minutes 2-3 people


How should I secure my marquee?


If you are putting your marquee on grass, as a minimum you need a set of four corner ropes with pegs. For additional wind protection, we also recommend (particularly on marquees of 6m width, but also on smaller models) our tie down kit consisting of tensioned straps and heavy duty tent pegs. These straps should be put along the sides of the marquee, at intervals of 2m.

You can also purchase the ground bar kit to give extra rigidity to the bottom of marquee.


The marquee can free stand on concrete as long as you purchase a ground bar kit to give a rigid frame throughout.

If possible, use ropes at the corners to secure the marquee as well.

If you are unable to use ropes, we recommend you buy a set of four weighted feet instead to weight down the corner poles of the marquee.

What are ground bars?

Ground bars fit along the bottom of the marquee, running from one leg to another and fitting into the feet. Their primary aim is to give added stability. In addition they provide a frame to which the bottoms of the side panels can be attached; this stops them from flapping in the wind. Individual ground bars can be removed to create extra entry and exit points.


What are your marquees made from?

Standard marquees

Our Standard marquees are made from waterproof UV stabilised, fire-rated (BS5438 / BS7837) PE (polyethylene). The canopy has weight 240gsm and the walls have weight 180gsm.

Luxury marquees

Our Luxury marquees are made from waterproof, UV stabilised, fire-rated (BS5438 / BS7837) Polyester / PVC. The canopy has weight 500gsm and the walls have weight 350gsm. The fabric is a much more luxurious material than the PE used in the Standard marquees. The material is specially coated on the inside making it much more water resistant than the PE.

What is the difference between the Standard marquees and the Luxury marquees?

The frames are the same for both marquees. The only difference is the thickness / quality of the material - the Luxury marquees use a luxurious thick 500gsm PE / PVC composite (350g on the walls) which looks fantastic and is really durable.

The Luxury marquees are the correct choice if looks matter and / or if you are going to be using the marquee over and over again. The Standard marquees are more for 'one-offs' / occasional use.

The Luxury marquees are also extremely water tight, guaranteed not to leak. They have a greater 'water column' than the Standard marquees (the water column is a measure of the ability for water to 'sit' on the canopy without dripping through). After time, the Standard marquees may give rise to the odd 'drip' through the seams in heavy rain.

We offer a manufacturer's guarantee of 2 years on all our products, however on our luxury marquees we offer a 3 year guarantee. We carry a full range of spares should you lose anything or if a part needs to be replaced for any reason.

Are your marquees waterproof?

Our Luxury marquees are 100% waterproof. Our Standard marquees are guaranteed waterproof except occasionally in heavy rain when they may allow the odd drip through the seams.

Are your marquees fireproof?

Yes. Our marquees are fire-rated to meet the British Standards of BS5438 / BS7837.

Care and maintenance

How do I clean my marquee?

Clean the frame by wiping with a damp cloth soaked in a mild detergent. Clean the canopy, side panels and end panels with warm soapy water using a sponge. Do not put them in the washing machine.


What sort of guarantee do you offer?

We offer a manufacturer's guarantee of 2 years on all our products, however on our luxury marquees we offer a 3 year guarantee and 1 year on economy marquees. We carry a full range of spares should you lose anything or if a part needs to be replaced for any reason.