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Pallaea Rotundifolia | Button Fern

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Pelia rotundifolia is a variety of fern, with leaves that many compare to buttons, earning it the name 'Button Fern'. Unlike other ferns, this one is a little more tolerant of dry air, meaning you can place it almost anywhere in your home (but we still advise that more humidity is best). Another unique feature about this fern is the pink flushed stems that add further colour to the plant.
  • Estimated Plant Height: 17cm
  • Pot Diameter: 13cm
  • Preferred Location: Filtered light- shade preferable
  • Watering Requirements: Water often around the edge rather than directly on the plant and don't allow to sit in water

Plant Theory has sustainability at its heart. This means that every plant will be delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. The intuitive box design is plastic free and will keep your plant safe on their journey to your home.

All Plants Supplied In Nursery Pot

Please note, all of our house plants arrive in a nursery pot as standard. You can find a more permanent home for your plant in our wide range of indoor plant pots.

The majority of ferns will survive best in dappled sunlight to mimic their natural positioning in the wild of growing under the canopy of larger trees. As a very basic rule of thumb, more shade is better than more sun. When watering be sure to avoid getting too much water on the central crown of the plant as this is where new fronds appear which are more likely to suffer from overwatering. Water around the edge of the plant allowing water to run all the way through and out of the drainage holes of the nursery pot. Leave the water 10 minutes or so to sink through and drain away before returning to the display pot.
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Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No