Panasonic Pro 9v Batteries - Pack of 12

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Panasonic Pro 9v Batteries - Pack of 12

Recommended for Warmawear Deluxe Gloves
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1 blister pack containing 1 Panasonic Pro Power battery.

These are the batteries of choice for Warmawear's Deluxe gloves. They will offer you over 2 hours of hot time and are the best we have found so far, but don't take our word for it, try them out for yourselves.

1x Panasonic Pro 9V Battery
1x Panasonic Pro 9V Battery
With a huge range of batteries available, the choice of which battery to use can be unnecessarily difficult. Fortunately, we've done some of the hard work for you by comparing different battery brands in our Winter Warmawear™ selection. We compared four brands of battery; Powercell, Panasonic, Duracell and Energizer Ultimate Lithium.
What Did We Do?

We used all the different batteries on the same Warmawear™ Dual Fuel Battery Heated Glove Liners while it was inside our Warmawear™ Dual Fuel Burst Power Battery Heated Sports Gloves. These were then placed outside on a cold day with a digital thermometer placed inside the glove, at the very end of the fingers. Readings were taken every minute for the first fifteen minutes, and then in 5 minute intervals.

What Did We Find?

One of the first things we noticed when testing these batteries was the difference in weight. The Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries weigh a mere 34g each, whereas a full set of Duracells will add another 33g to the weight of your gloves.

Battery Life:

The complete lifetime of these batteries varied from 13 mins to 3 hours 45 mins. The lowest lifespan was for Powercell, while Panasonic and Duracell tied for second place at 1 hour 30 mins. The winner, however were the Energizer Lithium batteries that lasted for a massive 3 hours 45 mins!

Something else important to note is that, because of how long the different batteries lasted, they work out at different costs per hour. For a pair of gloves, Duracell will cost you £3/hr, Panasonic £4/hr and Energizer £3.72/hr.

Peak Temperature:

In terms of the temperature reached, the Energizer Lithium batteries again won the race, reaching 33.3°C closely followed by Duracell at 30.8°C and Panasonic at 29.6°C. Unfortunately, Powercell again fell at the first post only reaching a peak of 26.6°C.

However, Energizer Lithium took over an hour to reach their peak temperature, as opposed to a mere 6 minutes for Panasonic. To compare like for like, the temperature that Panasonic batteries reached at their peak (29.6°C) was reached by the Energizer Lithium batteries after only 8 minutes. The temperature that the Duracell batteries reached at their peak (30.8°C) after 30 minutes was reached by the Energizer Lithium batteries after only 12 minutes.

Which Batteries Do We Recommend?

Overall it has to be the Energizer Lithium. They lasted the longest, and although they took the longest to reach their peak temperature, it was the highest temperature reached out of the test.


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