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Pansy Artificial Hanging Basket

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Large Artificial Pansy Hanging Basket By Primrose™ (30cm) Purple & White

The fantastically bright mix of colour created by a medley of Pansies secures their position as firm hanging basket favourites. But growing pansies is hard work with gardeners having to wait late into summer (10-12 weeks after the last frost) to reach peak bloom. In the meantime you can expect to water twice daily when warm, deadhead, thin out, de-pest - the list goes on.

We have worked hard to create a hand-crafted, instant solution that lasts all year long and is such high quality you’ll be touching it to see if it is real. Our artificial hanging baskets are made with a premium UV treated polyester filled with vibrant pigments to add a splash of colour to your garden that lasts for years.

You can even hang in the shade where you’d struggle to grow real flowers! Save yourself the hassle of hanging baskets and go artificial this year, you won’t look back!

Add Colour To Your Garden

There are always times in the year where you garden can look a bit... grey. It can be slightly depressing to say farewell to the last of the summer flowers, shortly followed by much of the surrounding foliage.

With artificial, you can hang onto summer for that little bit longer and inject colour into the usually monochrome pallet of darkest winter. We choose vibrant pigments guaranteed to fill your darkest corner with colour, especially those shady areas where it can be hard to grow colourful plants.

Made with UV resistant technology these hanging baskets will keep their colour and smart appearance for even longer than those baskets not treated.

Intricately Detailed

A lot of time and attention to detail goes into each hanging basket we make with the floral arrangements created by hand to give the perfect mix of vibrant flowers and lush foliage.

Each leaf is perfectly shaped to a highly realistic form with varying tones of green to create a foliage that you have to touch to believe is not real. Every flower is made up of intricately detailed petals of different shapes and colours providing a feast for the eye and a basket that delights from every angle.

Forget the old plastic-treated paper flowers that fooled nobody, our baskets contain much more realistic polyester petals that have a more lifelike texture can fool anyone from 15 feet.

Black Rattan Basket

Not only does this hanging basket have wonderful, vibrant flowers but the basket itself is also a stylish and attractive feature. Made from high quality black rattan you can be sure that the basket will add a touch of class to your garden as the material it is made from is much better quality than traditional hanging baskets. Sturdy, reliable and easy to hang, this basket comes with a galvanised iron chain and can be placed anywhere in your garden for that classic English garden look.


  • Hand assembled floral display crafted to give just the right balance of foliage and flower
  • Highly realistic - dense and lifelike foliage made from premium polyester material
  • UV, frost and weather resistant - made form a high quality UV resistant polymer certified to ISO 4892-3 standard
  • Laboratory tested - put under conditions to simulate 2 years in a south facing garden, showed no signs of weathering, meaning you can rest assured that this artificial topiary will last you for years to come
  • Easy storage - can be disassembled and packed away in the winter

  • Basket Diameter: 30cm (11¾in)
  • Chain Length: 30cm (11.811in)
  • Total Height (incl. chain): 50-60m (19-24in)
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Why X?

Why Choose Artificial

Real hanging baskets can be a challenge. They take time to grow, need constant care and attention and you better have some kind neighbours if you plan on taking a summer holiday, or they'll be toast!

On top of that, your options are very limited if you have a shaded wall, even for part of the day, and come next spring you've got to start all over again.

With artificial, not only do you get the instant impact of a perfect, fully mature floral display, you have no watering worries, no pruning atop of stepladders, no problems with shade and they last year after year. 
With new manufacturing techniques the quality and realisticness of artificial has improved greatly, you won't be able to tell until you go into smell it!

Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No