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Insect Repellents

Insect Repellents 

Keep away the creepy crawlies with our range of insect repellents, including wasp controls, flea deterrents, spider repellents (yes we know they aren't insects) and slug and snail pellets and tape too. Whatever your bothersome bug problem, we've got the perfect insect solution.

For a wealth of inspiration and expertise, have a look at our Pest Control Ideas & Advice hub. 

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get rid of greenflyget rid of greenfly

How to Get Rid of Greenfly 

They don’t always come in the colour green, despite their name, and although they’re very small, these tiny pests can wreak a lot of havoc in your garden. Learn how to get rid of greenfly in our useful guide.

Get Rid of BlackflyGet Rid of Blackfly

5 Ways to Get Rid of Blackfly

Blackfly is an insect that attacks the plants in your yard and garden. The sap-sucking aphids can form dense colonies on young plant growth. Find out 5 ways to get rid of blackfly in our guide.