Pest Deluxe - Mouse and Rat deterrent

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Pest Deluxe  - Mouse and Rat deterrent
Pest Deluxe - mouse, rat and spider deterrant.

This device has been found to be highly effective in removing a variety of pests from the home including:
spiders, rats, mice, and many crawling beasties. Although most problems are resolved quickly, due to the unique conditions in your home, you may find that l little patience will go a long way.

Range: The range of this product is roughly 5000 Sq Feet which is roughly a 4-5 bedroom house.
Using modern electronic and ultrasonic technology, the horror of these pests can now be overcome.

Simply plug the device into an ordinary plug socket and switch it on.

How does it work?
Why is it more effective than the cheaper ultrasonic-only devices?

Dual technology:
- Ultrasonic sound waves:
Ultrasonic waves are high-pitched sound waves at frequencies too high for humans and pets to hear. These ultrasonics are thought to be extremely uncomfortable for these pests , causing them to leave the room space. However, ultrasonics waves are like ordinary light waves - they will not penetrate solid objects such as walls and cupboards. Which means that ultrasonic devices will only work in the room you plug the device into, and the spiders can hide away in the walls, ceilings and in cupboards and behind curtains. Hence the need for the second technology - electromagnetic waves.
- Electromagnetic waves:
Once plugged into any ordinary plug socket, the device sends pulses throughout the wiring of your house. These electric pulses cause electromagnetic waves to spread 1 meter out around every electrical wire in your house. Electromagnetic waves that are thought to affect the nervous systems of these pests , driving them completely out of your house.
It's this electromagnetic effect that is so important if you want to target spiders and mice throughout your whole house. If you just need to clear these pests from the visible room space, then you can save money by buying cheaper ultrasonic-only repellers. We sell ultrasonic-only repellers for only £7.50 each. - buy 3 for £19.95.

Perfectly safe for humans, children and pets (other than tarantulas and rodents). Won't affect your TV, broadband or any other electrical device.

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"fantastic delivery time ordered weds evening.delivered friday morning. thank you"

Reviewed Thursday, 11 November 2010

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