PestBye® Advanced Fox Scarer

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PestBye® Advanced Fox ScarerPestBye® Advanced Fox Scarer
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PestBye® Advanced Fox ScarerPestBye® Advanced Fox Scarer
We are so convinced that this unit will work, if it doesn't we will give you your money back.

Foxes have dug, fouled & damaged our garden for years. The Advanced Fox Scarer worked immediately. Discreet and effective. We now have two, each connected with mains adaptor which cover a large area. We are delighted and have recommended it to friends and neighbours. More...

Battery and mains powered fox repeller. This is the advanced model and is guaranteed to work, or your money back (see Effectiveness guarantee below).

Our Effectiveness Guarantee
If you're not satisfied with the performance of this product, return it to us within 45 days and provided you've had it running for at least a month, we'll refund the cost of the item (less postage).

Sends out a very loud noise at a frequency that foxes can hear but is too high for most humans to hear. This is annoying and frightening to the foxes but does not affect birds. Also effective for dogs and cats.

    • Easy to use
    • Detects and repels
    • Has test button
    • Safe
    • Easy to install, mount to a wall or pillar

Test Button
This unit features a test button, so you can check if your repeller is working. Simply press the button and the unit will sound continuously until you press the button again to exit test mode.

Why the motion sensor?
The Advanced Fox Repeller incorporates a sophisticated PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor which turns the device on when a warm body enters the controlled area. This has an important purpose other than saving battery life: With the motion sensor, the fox learns to associate the noise with its own movement, and is much less likely to stop being afraid of the noise.

What area does it cover?
It covers a 120 degree arc, to a distance of up to 52.5ft (16m), giving a total unobstructed working area of (188 Square Metres).

How quickly will it work?
If the foxes have a habit of feeding and fouling in your garden, it can take 14-28 days to deliver the full deterrent effect. 'Occasional' visitors will usually be stopped within 7 days. Of course, as with all methods involving animal behaviour, we can’t guarantee effectiveness in every situation, however, our own experience and the feedback we get from customers suggests that this device is effective in almost all situations.
If you have a dog, it may affect the dog if it's allowed in the same part of the garden. The sound doesn't travel well through walls and fences, so it won't affect a dog in the house, or a neighbour's dog. If you need more advice on how to get the best out of the product, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Optional Extras
  • PestBye Mains Adaptor For Fox Scarer
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    PestBye Mains Adaptor For Fox Scarer
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  • Panasonic Pro 9V Batteries - Pack of 2
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  • Duracell Plus 9v Batteries - Pack of 2
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Selected items will be included with your purchase
Requires 2 x 9 Volt batteries or optional power supply (not included). Battery life depends on how many times the device is activated, but they typically last 3-4 months assuming 10 activations per day. Batteries aren't supplied as standard, but we can supply (see options above)

Coverage area is approximately 188sq metres in a 120° fan shaped arc.

Height 17cm
Width 9cm
Mains adapter cable 10m/32ftWeight 300g

Customer Reviews
Rating: 5/5

"So far has worked well. Time will tell."

Reviewed Sunday, 30 July 2017

Rating: 3/5

"had i been 100% happy you would have got 5 stars"

Reviewed Saturday, 22 July 2017

Rating: 4/5

"My purchase is working as described in your brochour."

Reviewed Thursday, 20 July 2017

Rating: 1/5

"It didn't work - the first day it alarmed them then they just ignored it. They are driving me mad, keeping me awake most of the night."

Reviewed Sunday, 9 July 2017

Rating: 3/5

"We have bought three as we have a large garden . As yet they have not rid us of the foxes . We live in hope ."

Reviewed Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Rating: 5/5

"I purchased one of these initially to test it out and also ordered Scoot to prevent a fox family to hang around in our garden. It took only about 5 days before most of them did not return but one was persistent. I then ordered a second one and positioned it on another corner of the garden to get a maximum coverage. The set up is working well and the remaining fox who kept coming back no longer visits! I would recommend these products but you need to give it about 3-4 wks to take an effect - foxes do not give up easily!"

Reviewed Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Rating: 4/5

"Seems to be keeping foxes away at the moment"

Reviewed Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Rating: 5/5

"This is a great product. Bought the one with power adapter so don't ever have to worry about it losing power if batteries run down. We live in an urban area and the fox has been a regular visitor. Generally using the garden as a route and leaving us unpleasant surprise packages everywhere. Since we installed this product there has been no sign of him at all. It's been over 3 weeks now. Not only does it seem effective for the fox, but the cats are also no longer coming into the main garden area which is covered by the Scarer. One regular cat who used to make a daily habit of patrolling the garden and coming to our back door no longer visits. He makes a very wide circuit up high along the garden fences rather than coming into the garden. The first day it was installed he did investigate it very closely. But when he realised it was a permanent fixture he has avoided the area ever since. I would suggest you give it a couple of days after it's been put in place to see full effect. Am considering another to cover other areas of the garden."

Reviewed Monday, 20 February 2017

Rating: 5/5

"Order was delivered when primrose Stated when it would arrive and in very short time"

Reviewed Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Rating: 5/5

"Great product"

Reviewed Tuesday, 17 January 2017

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