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Petunia Crazytunia 'Black Mamba' | 9cm Pot

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Fill your garden with effortless blooms all the way from June to October!

A beautiful hybrid variety, this enchanting Petunia sports black velvety blooms, which will be around from June to October. Importantly, this special Petunia is widely loved for needing very little maintenance! (other than a little deadheading).

As such, this bedding plant is a great choice for the less attentive gardener who wants some long-lasting colour. The attractive, pastel green foliage peaks out from under each flower, and will help fill the emptier spots of a bed or container nicely. For the most flourishing display, plant out once the risk of frost has passed, and try to provide moist, well-drained soil.

Planting Tip

Add to several hanging baskets for a uniform accent to your home!

  • Fresh from the UK Nursery
  • Our plug plants are directly sent to your home by our trusted growers, based in the heart of England. As such, you can rest assured that your plants will arrive healthy and garden-ready.
  • Suitable for Growing in Full Sun
  • A Long Flowering Period
  • Perfect for Novice Gardeners
  • Wonderfully Easy to Grow
  • Supplied As: 10.5cm pot
  • Season of Interest: May to November
  • Soil Type: Moist and well-drained
  • Preferred Location: Full sun or part shade
  • Eventual Height and Spread: 30cm (12"), 30cm (12")

Our bedding plants are lovingly grown by our trusted nursery, based in England. Each flourishing plant will be dispatched directly to your home.


Sustainability is one of our priorities, and as such, our bedding plants are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. Aside from being recyclable, they will keep them nice and secure on their journey.

Please see our below guidance on your bedding plant's care:

Watering: Before planting your bedding plants, it is important to provide them with a generous watering. This can be done by letting the roots of each plant submerge in a bucket of water. Once all air bubbles have escaped, allow each plant to drain. If you are planting your bedding plants in a hanging basket, you will need to water them more frequently (ideally once a day).

Deadheading: To promote a long flowering period, you should deadhead any flowers that appear spent. Simply rescind each flower at their base, taking care to not cut other parts of the plant.

Feed: To really flourish, your bedding plants should have adequate feed. You can either add a slow release fertilizer to their compost, or mix feed into their watering on a weekly basis.

Frost: Young plug plants will need to be protected from any danger of frost. Keep them in a sheltered environment whilst you pot them on ready to go outside, which is usually around May time. A greenhouse is perfect but a windowsill or conservatory will do just fine as long as they are kept warm with plenty of sunlight (16-18°C is optimal). Use a good quality balanced potting compost when planting, and slow release fertiliser is also advised for the best results.

Young plug plants will need to be grown on before they are ready to be planted out in your garden. They will take several weeks to establish and put on the growth required to be garden ready. Please follow our simple steps below to ensure the best results.

Seedlings, 60 cell plug packs, and 4 cell veg plug plants are best planted into bedding tray inserts or 7 - 9cm pots.

Starter and premium plants are best planted into 9 - 13 cm pots, but can be planted directly into baskets and containers (as long as they are protected from frost).

  1. Fill the cell trays or pots with compost and lightly firm down.
  2. Use a dibber to make a hole similar to the size of the plug plant in the compost, and place your plant into this planting hole. Try to make sure that the top of the plant is level with the compost in the tray or pot.
  3. Gently water your plants with a watering can that is fitted with a fine hose.
  4. It is important that you position your plants in a warm, sunny position but to keep them out of direct sun. Once any risk of frost has passed, you can plant them straight into your garden's beds.
More Information
Common Name Petunia
Flower Colour Black
Flowering Month June, July, August
Flowering Season Summer
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Foliage Colour Green
Supplied As 9cm Pot
Type Bedding Plants
Latin Name Petunia
Shop By Category Bedding & Perennials