Photinia 9l Lollipop

Code: TR875699L
Photinia 9l Lollipop
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Photinia 9l Lollipop
Photinia 9l Mini Standard 'Photinia fraseri little red robin'

Photinia Fraseri ‘Little Red Robin’ is a dwarf form of the Photinia ‘Red Robin’ and showcases the incredible scarlet red, evergreen foliage in a more compact shrub.
‘Little Red Robin’ appears to produce an even more intense red foliage than the larger specimen holding onto its colour right up until the winter ensuring a rich balance of tones through the seasons.
Trained to a mini-standard this small tree is perfect for a garden of any size!


Evergreen tree: retains green leaves throughout the year
Overall height: 80-120cm
Stem height: 50-70cm
Crown diameter: 20-40cm
Pot size: 9L
Position: Place on a sunny windowsill, balcony or patio


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