5 x 'Pink Pearl' Indoor Hyacinth Bulbs

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5 x 'Pink Pearl' Indoor Hyacinth Bulbs
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5 x 'Pink Pearl' Indoor Hyacinth Bulbs

5 'Pink Pearl' Indoor Hyacinth Bulbs

The hyacinth has been celebrated since antiquity and remains an exceedingly popular plant, deservedly beloved by many British gardeners. These bulbs allow you to experience the loveliness of the Pink Pearl hyacinth, which flourishes upwards with glossy bell-shaped petals of vivid pink, while also producing a heavenly fragrance.

Prepared hyacinths are intended to be grown indoors and, if planted in September, can flower from mid-December onwards. They can be grown with hyacinth glasses or any container if using bulb fibre.

Variety Information

Flowering Period December/January onwards
Flowering Height 25cm (10in)
Position Keep in cool spot until flower bud appears, then move to warm, light room
Flower Colour Rose pink
Bulb Diameter 16-17cm
Planting Period Indoor growing
Planting Depth Plant in pots so top of bulb is about level with soil


High bulb grade Our bulbs are sent directly from expert growers, based in the east of England, who select only the best bulbs, ensuring you get bumper blooms
Low maintenance
Attractive colouring
Intended for indoor growing
Can be grown with hyacinth glass using only water

Planting Tip

When growing in water, a piece of charcoal will keep the water clear for decorative purposes
Optional Extras Selected items will be included with your purchase

Our bulbs are all harvested at just the right time to ensure they are of the best quality and size. With careful handling and specialised packaging, we can assure you that your bulbs will arrive in perfect condition.

These bulbs can be grown in almost any container using bulb fibre enriched compost. When planting, the neck of the bulb should be left protruding just above the surface of the soil. Water, then place in a cool, frost-free spot at a maximum temperature of 9ºC / 48ºF and check weekly. After 10-12 weeks, when the flower bud is through the neck of the bulb, bring into a warm, light room at approximately 18ºC / 65ºF. Keep moist but do not over water.

They can also be grown in specialist hyacinth glasses using only water. Ensure that the base of the bulb does not touch the water. The roots will form and eventually grow down into the water. The glass still needs to be kept in a cool, dark spot. Once the flower bud is through the neck of the bulb by approximately 5cm (2in) follow the instructions as with pot-grown bulb.

Hyacinth bulbs can cause a skin irritation so use gloves or wash hands after handling.

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